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Great idea for Valentine's Day cards

Valentine's Day Card

My friend Daniela, who's obsessed with Valentine's day this year, sent me link to a fantastic store - Cardstore. They have some awesome and cute Valentine's Day cards. All of them can be customized online. You can add your own text and photos.

And that's my favorite one:

You can add your own photos on it which is pretty awesome.

Check more on Cardstore. If you want to buy some, don't forget to use CCA4312 coupon code, so you can get any Valentine's Day card for $2.49.


  1. thank you! this is just what I've been looking for!! :)

    Corinne xo

  2. "I hate everyone who isn't you." Ha!

  3. I now have way too many cards I want to give the hubby for Valentine's Day. Such a pleasant problem.

  4. these are all so adorable! I was thinking earlier today what cute valentines day card ideas I could do, and these are so inspiring!

    1. Haha I have so many saved card ideas that I couldn't decide which one to pick xox

  5. This is so cute and some are just perfect.
    Great post :) xx


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