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Have a fun weekend!

My awesome readers, what are you up to this weekend? I'm going to the Super Bowl (Go Broncos!). I am pretty excited, even if the 49ers won't play.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are some posts from around the web...xoxo

A guide on fashion designer pronunciation.

Modern day streetwear inspired by historical fiction films.

Transgender model Jenna Talackova scores fashion spread in ELLE magazine. I think that's pretty awesome.

Gorgeous DIY Valentine light bulb.

A trip to Norway.

I love this drink mixer.

A hilarious video of guys trying to guess the prices of women's products.

My type of a recipe website.

This blog makes me wanna start traveling again.

Tiny world in a bottle.

Awesome online DIY classes.

This girl draws you as a Futurama, Simpsons or Family Guy character. Pretty awesome!

Manhattan apartment by Emma Jane Pilkington. Brilliant interior.

Plus, two of my posts you may have missed:

Books like 50 shades of grey and a list of 90s cartoons

Hugs and kisses! Have a great weekend! xox


  1. Ooooh sounds so fun!!! I'm going fruit picking today with my family which should be fun :)
    Omg I love your links!!! I spent about 15 minutes just clicking away on that recipe website! I think it's so clever and super hilarious!!! Love this post Anna! :) xx

    1. Have a great weekend Karine! You should make photos of the fruit picking!
      Haha I couldn't stop laughing browsing that recipes site! xox

  2. Today is my last day I have to work, for this week.
    After that I will meet some friends and use my spare time to clean the house :)
    You're so glad to go to the Super Bowl!! Here in Germany it will be hard to follow the event even on TV :/
    So enjoy the time and scream your lungs out for me, for I can't be there :(

    1. Have a great weekend, beautiful! Take a good rest.
      Yeah, NFL isn't very popular over there so there aren't much TV willing to pay that much money to show Super Bowl :/
      Mwah xox

  3. These are such awesome links! I'm having fun looking at all of them hehe. Have an amazing time at the Super Bowl!


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