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How to dress goth

How to dress goth

If you want to dress goth but you don't want to look like it's Halloween or like you are going to some Gothic club, you should keep it clean and try to pick more mature clothes.
I like the gothic sock but I can't wear them without looking like a teenage girl. So, I would leave them out of the picture. Forget about the cheap Chinese corsets too. You can search about "Corporate Goth" on Pinterest and you gonna find a lot of decent advice.
These are my suggestions:

1. Black women's dress pants.
2. That awesome black floral lace top. Put some bra on though, so your nipples don't stick out like the ones on the picture. For God sake, Amazon's clothes model...
3. This shrug is simple and beautiful.
4. I am absolutely in love with these pants.
5. Black stone cross earrings.
6. An amazing skeleton girl necklace.
7. A beautiful striped dress.
8. Polyester black pants.
9. Victorian gothic earrings.
10. Azure dress. It's very transparent though.
11. Gothic Victorian black jacket.
12. Awesome leather boots!
13. How cool are these boots? Absolutely amazing.
14. Locomo striped tank.
15. Mary Janes shoes.
16. Hoop earrings.
17. Mini Bodycon skirt.
18. Dragon earring.
19. Gothic black lipstick.

Check also these:
I really love that necklace with a cute black bowknot.

Black lace dress
A cute black lace dress.

Black Gothic Skirt
Black polyester skirt. Carefully check the size before purchasing.

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