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The ultimate list of the best 90s cartoons

I grew up in the 90s and I had the most amazing childhood. We didn't have much money back then but I was a happy kid. None of my friends had a computer either (I feel like I am from the Stone Age), so we spent our days outside. We played Hide and Seek, we rode bicycles with the other kids, we watched the boys playing football and we were in love every single week, we called ghosts... Yeah, that's right...
We had that old Ouija board. It was quite popular back then so I am sure if you grew up in the 90s, you definitely know what I am talking about.
An important part of my awesome childhood was Cartoon Network and all the great 90s cartoons. The Powerpuff Girls, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin... You name it, I watched it. I am now 25 years old and and I have a big collection of cartoons on DVD. I have a 5 year old sister so I re-watch a lot of them almost every weekend.
If you grew up in 90 and feel nostalgic, you have a little sibling or you just love animations, this is my ultimate list of 90s cartoons.

The Powerpuff Girls
My personal favorite! A brilliant, funny and unique cartoon. The Powerpuff Girls is about three little girls (Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles) accidentally created by a genius professor. They have super powers, know all kinds of martial arts, and they are saving the world daily from all kinds of creatures. From a monkey with a huge brain to HIM, a villain so luscious that they had to name him HIM just to make sure people know he's a guy.
This amazing cartoon started in 1998 and lasted until 2005.

Courage the Cowardly Dog
One of the best cartoons series ever made! It's weird (in a good way), funny and in moments scary. It's about a cowardly dog named Courage, living with his senior owners in a small farm. Courage has to deal with all kind of crazy and paranormal stuff.
The thing with the 90s cartoons is that they were aimed at kids, but they were so clever that could also appeal to adults.  Courage the Cowardly Dog was one of these. 

Dexter's Laboratory
The little genius who has a secret lab in his room and a super annoying sister, who's messing up with him all the time. That's one of the most famous 90s cartoons.
You can see an overprotective robot, big muscled blonde haired guy who has a guitar with super powers, an evil alien warlord, you can even see a big strong black man fighting a pink pony...
That cartoon is brilliant.

Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo is an Elvis looking guy with a lot of confidence but a lack of intellect. He's always trying to be a ladies' man but always getting beaten up by them.
Some of the episodes include guest appearances by people like Farrah Fawcett and Adam West.
I've always loved watching it when I was a kid. Now I pray that I never have to deal with that kind of an admirer. Highly recommended cartoon!

Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck is one Disney's best 90s cartoons. It's a story about a clumsy masked superhero, facing all kind of dangers. And that's only at night. During the day he has to take care of his adopted 7 year old daughter. I have the two volumes of the DVDs. That cartoon is such a mood fixer. If you feel bad or depressed, take a bowl of ice cream, lay on the bed and watch Darkwing Duck.

God, I love Daria! I wasn't popular in school, in fact I was one of the most unpopular. I saw myself in Daria. A cynical girl who goes through life as a proud outsider. She has to deal with idiotic teenagers all the time. One of the strongest female characters that you could find in a cartoon. Remember when MTV was actually a great channel? That cartoon was one of the reasons for it.

Talespin is classic! I can't even believe they made only 2 seasons of it. It was a brilliant show.
The main character in this one is Baloo from Disney's Jungle Book. He's now a proud pilot of his own plane. His friends are the orphan bear named Kit, who stole a treasure from the evil pirate Don Karnage (I hated that guy) and the newly graduated Rebecca Cunningham who just purchased Baloo's company.
Talespin is a masterpiece!

Pinky and the Brain
I watched Pinky and the Brain when I was a little and I loved it, I watched it again a year ago again and I still loved it. That show has unique humor that is good for kids and adults.
It's a story about a genius mouse and his stupid friend and their attempt to conquer the world each day.
It's a spin off from another brilliant cartoon "Animaniacs".

Animaniacs is the most clever written 90s cartoon. That's my personal opinion. The humor is brilliant and the characters were so unique, they even made a different show for two of them (Pinky and the Brain).
Steven Spielberg was a producer of that cartoon, so that should tell you something.
Animaniacs is must-have for all the cartoon fans out there.

Ed, Edd 'N Eddy
The adventures of three silly boys. If you want to go back to the days where you had nothing to worry about, just being a happy kid, Ed, Edd 'N Eddy will help you.
It's also the longest running Cartoon Network show, which is a pretty big deal to me.

Tiny Toon Adventures

Tiny Toon Adventures is about toons who are kid-like versions of Looney Tunes. It's a super cute cartoon. Often contains political and entertainment satire, so you won't be bored even if you watch it as an adult.
It's my little sister's favorite show.

The Little Mermaid
I can't explain how much I love The Little Mermaid. First the movie that came out 1989 and then the TV series. The cartoon usually aired about 8pm, so I had to wait for all the boring political shows before that to end, so I can watch my Ariel and her awesome adventures. Currently I own all the movies and TV series.
It's another one of Disney's masterpieces! Thank you, Disney, for making my childhood so much more awesome!

Duckman is not for children. At least I won't play it to my little sister. It's another one of the brilliant 90s cartoons but I discovered it 3-4 years ago when I saw the DVD.
It's about an ignorant, rude duck, who's also a single dad. For me that's the 90s Family Guy.
Don't watch it if you are easily offended.

Taz-Mania is a cartoon about the adventures of Looney Tunes' Tazmanian Devil on the island of Tasmania. Remember? That awesome, cute creature that destroys everything in his way. In this series you will meet his family and friends.
Like most of the Looney Tunes related cartoons in the 90s, that one is also great.
If you have a little siblings or children they gonna love it.

When I first watched Freakazoid! I didn't know any English. I remembered the show because of the ridiculous appearance of Freakazoid. A dude with a blue skin and a strange hair wearing a ridiculous costume. I thought it was funny.
I re-watched the cartoon 5 years ago because of a pure nostalgia, finally able to understand what's the show about. It's HILARIOUS! It's a story about that ridiculously looking superhero, fighting all kind of goofy villains in Washington D.C.
The cartoons these days have a lot to learn from Freakazoid! and its unique humor.

Highlander The Animated Series isn't that very well known. Of course we all know about the movie. The awesome story about the immortal Quentin MacLeod and his fights with the evil. As a child I really like the movie, so I was thrilled when I found out that there's a cartoon. It was really well made and the plot was great.

Beavis and Butt-head
That's a cartoon that I didn't appreciate as a kid. I thought the characters are scary... Of course, when I grew up I understand how great that show was. It was a total hit. I don't think there's a person who haven't heard about that cartoon.
I don't recommend it for kids though.

Aaahh!!! Real Monster
Aaahh!!! Real Monster is a cartoon about the life of three monster in school and their attempts to scare humans. Most of the time their plan don't work as they plan it to be.
Maybe it was an inspiration for Monsters Inc. It's a show that will stay with me forever. I still remember the intro song, the great and unique plot and the amazing voicing.
I loved that cartoon. It's one of the last good Nickelodeon ones, before they went full retard. The 90s cartoons were so much better.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
"Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'N Dale When there's danger No, No, it never fails Once they're involved Somehow whatever's wrong gets solved"... The best intro song ever! Okay, that show started in 1989 and ended in 1990 but I couldn't miss to put it on my list.
The two chipmunks fighting evil villains and solving crimes is one of my favorite 90s cartoons. I own all the DVDs and I love watching them with my sister.
Highly recommended cartoon!

Bobby's World
Bobby's World is a story about Bobby Generic and his imaginary world full of awesome adventures. An incredible, creative, and funny cartoon.
I actually watched most of the episodes 2 years ago, when I bought the DVD collection. I remember watching Bobby's World as a kid but didn't remember much of it, so I decided to re-watch it.
It's a great and beautiful children show.

Doug Funnie is a kid who keeps a journal. It's a story about his moving to a new town and his great imagination.
Another one of the great Nickelodeon classic 90s cartoons. They should make a retro-channel and show all the old Nick cartoons on it. I am sure they will have a better rating than their current shows.
Doug is a magical adventure that you will never forget.

My brother loved Gargoyles so much, that I decided to put it on my list. I never really watched much of it but it was one of him's and his friends' favorite cartoons. I remember all the boys in my class watching it as well.
It's a story about night creatures protecting New York City. That show keeps winning new fans even if it was canceled more than 10 years ago.

The Angry Beavers
The great adventures of Norbert and Daggett, twin beavers, that leave their home for a house on the lake and start living a crazy bachelor life. While living in the middle of nowhere they still manage to get in wild and crazy adventures.
That cartoon is hilarious. It's full of surreal, odd and funny situations. Definitely one of the top Nicktoon cartoons.

What an unique cartoon! It's about the daily life of a snobby cat and a goofy dog joined at the abdomen. What a crazy idea, right? It turned out to be one of the most popular and successful Nickelodeon cartoons.
Even if most of the series wasn't in the 90s (The cartoon started in 1998 and finished in 2005), I put it on my list because the best seasons of the show were the first 2.

Timon & Pumbaa
When I was a kid my Sunday mornings always started with Timon & Pumbaa. I love Lion King. I don't know any person who don't. So when Timon & Pumbaa came out with their own cartoon I was the happiest kid on the world.
I am yet to find from where I can buy a DVD with the complete series, so If you have any idea, please let me know. I really want to watch it with my little sister.

I Am Weasel
Another one of Cartoon Network's 90s masterpieces! I Am Weasel follows the adventures of a super intelligent weasel and a goofy monkey who has no talents at all. It is a more adult cartoon and there are some gross gags.
An innovative and funny show. It gets a little bit boring after the third season but the first three were genius!
I don't recommend it for little kids, though.

Pirates Of Dark Water
I was a very little girl when that cartoon was on air so I didn't know about it back then.
I found out about it 3 years ago when a friend of mine found out that I have a huge collection of 90s cartoons and gave me the DVD.
It's a very well made cartoon with stunning graphic. It's a story about a young boy that just learns he's a prince and should go to a quest to save the world by finding 13 treasures.  
A beautiful and entertaining show.

The Tick
Another awesome super hero 90s cartoon. The Tick protects The City, a metropolis full of superheroes and villains. It's a show that kids and adults will enjoy. It's hilarious and original. The Tick isn't for everyone, though. Either you will love it or you won't understand the humor.
But if you need something to watch with your kids or little siblings and enjoy it with them The Tick will do it for you.

Tom & Jerry Kids
We all love the classic Tom & Jerry. It's one of the best cartoons ever made. Tom & Jerry Kids is a fresh version of that classic. In this cartoon Tom & Jerry are far less violent than their parents.
Some people don't rate that show too high but I really enjoyed it as a kid. I don't think it's for adults, though. The humor is for little children.

Sabrina, the Animated Series
Everyone who grew up in the late 90s and early 00s knows about the TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina, the Animated Series is an animated spin-off of this series. I used to love this cartoon as a child and missed it so much. I got the DVD 3 years ago, when it was released, and watched all the episodes with my little sister.
She loved it.

Aladdin was brilliant! Both the movies and the TV series. I can't explain how much I love this cartoon.
To be honest you can hardly find any bad Disney animation. Sadly there's no DVD of the completed series. I own the VHS version of it which is pretty bad since I can't watch it anymore.

Captain Planet And The Planeteers
Captain Planet And The Planeteers was a huge hit. It's about five young Planeteers with individual powers Earth, Water, Wind, Heart and Fire. Only as a team they can call the super hero Captain Planet. Together they fight all kind of eco-villains.
I really loved it. It's a wonderful cartoon for all ages.

Goof Troop
Goofy and his son Max with their own show. It's a great show for kids. Not so much for adults. It's not the type of cartoon that will make you laugh if you are not a child.
I recommend it for children under 10.

Conan The Adventurer
The cartoon version of Conan. I can't remember much of it, but I remember that all the boys in my class were crazy about it. It's my brother's one of favorite 90s cartoons so he would kill me if I didn't put it on the list.
If you have a little boy, he's gonna love that show.

The Magic School Bus
That cartoon is educational and fun. It's about and awesome schoolteacher who takes her class on amazing trips with a magical school bus. I didn't like most of these educational shows as a kid but that one was an exception.
I recommend it to all parents who wants to educate their children at a young age.

Dr. Katz Professional Therapist 
I am surprised that very few people know about this cartoon. It's clever and funny. It's about a divorced father who has a 23 years old son, who has big dreams but is too lazy to find a job.
This show is not for everyone. You either gonna love it or hate it.

Men in Black: The Animated Series
I am a huge fan of MIB and of sci-fi in general. I loved the movies, including the last one released in 2012.
The cartoon came out immediately after the release of the first movie, which was a huge hit, and I was obsessed. The plot was similar like the one in the movie so it was like a continue of the agent Kay and agent Jay adventures.
Lovely cartoon, I wish I could find all the seasons on DVD.

Rocko's Modern Life
The hilarious adventures of an Australian wallaby and his friends. I didn't watch this cartoon when I was a child. I discovered it while I was searching for 90s cartoons on Amazon. After reading all the positive reviews about it, I decided to add it to my collection.
It's a charming, funny and unique show. There are some rude gags, but nothing too extreme.

Hey Arnold!
The daily life of a 9-year-old who lives in a boarding house with his grandparents. Probably many of you remember this cartoon. It was on air for 8 years (ended in 2004).
One of the best things in this show is that the characters are very well written, unique and realistic.
It's for adults and kids. There excellent messages in every episode.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast
What an unique show! No surprise there are 8 seasons of it.
It's a story about Space Ghost, a retired super hero on his 40s, who in order to stay under the lights, starts his own talk show, filmed in space. Space Ghost Coast to Coast is highly underrated. It was genius!
If you are searching for something unusual, different and unique, look no further.

I wasn't a huge fan of Spawn. I thought it was scary and dark. Definitely not a cartoon for a little girl.
But I just couldn't miss it on my list of the best 90s cartoons. It was one of the best. With a huge fan base, mostly boys, it was one of the most popular cartoons back then.

Beast Wars
Okay, sorry about that. I am not sure if it will fit in a "cartoon" list. It was the first 3D show I ever watched. I was obsessed with it. I didn't know any other girls who loved that show back then. All the boys watched it in my class. I really loved PS 1 and the 3D games when I was little. We didn't have enough money, so I couldn't get one. Instead, I spent a lot of time in so called "Game clubs", watching the other kids play. I was obsessed. So, you can imagine how fast I fell in love when I saw Beast Wars for first time.

Batman: The Animated Series
Obviously I couldn't miss Batman: The Animated Series. That show is on my top 5 best 90s cartoons. It's was unbelievably good. There wasn't a single episode that was bad. Every episode was absolutely fantastic. Batman was aimed at a young viewers but a lot of adults watched it too. The plot was very well written.
It's a must see!

Based on the film, a cartoon about Beetlejuice, a ghost from "Neitherworld" and his mortal friend Lydia.
A lot of the jokes on it aren't for children. I liked the series better than the movie. The cartoon was funnier. Lovable characters, great graphics, voicing and unique plot.

The Ren & Stimpy Show
The Ren & Stimpy Show follows the odd and crazy adventures of a hyperactive chihuahua and a goofy cat. The cartoon is brilliant but a little bit vulgar. It's not for small children. The humor would be very difficult for them to understand since many of the gags are political.
If you haven't seen it in the 90s, do it now. You gonna love it.

Earthworm Jim
I didn't watch the cartoon until 2001. I was a big fan of the Sega game before that. It was odd, crazy and addictive. The cartoon wasn't any different. An absolute masterpiece!
Earthworm Jim is a worm super hero, fighting all kind of hilarious villains in a fantastic surreal world. I own the DVD and the video game.

 Cow and Chicken
There isn't more weird 90s cartoon than Cow and Chicken. First, the chicken and the cow are brother and sister, second, their parents are human, or seems like they are, since we can see only their legs. That show is hilarious and absurd. Most of the jokes usually have a double-meaning so they are good for children and adults.
Still, I think the writers smoked something, while making that cartoon.

Aeon Flux
Aeon Flux is an adult cartoon. A GREAT one! It's about a sexy mysterious secret agent in a futuristic world. It's very different from the other cartoons in terms of story telling. So much is left unknown in every episode. If you are a fan of mysteries, puzzles and action, you gonna love it.
I haven't seen any other cartoon like Aeon Flux. It was really unique.

The Incredible Hulk: Animated Series
We all know the story of Hulk. There's nothing more to add. If you like the movies and the comics you gonna like the cartoon too. There are 21 episodes released. The first season was unbelievably good!
The series had a great potential but they cancelled it after the second season.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice
In this cartoon you could see an American football team in their fight against Morgana, to free the real king.
King Arthur and his knights are captured by Morgana, and Merlin casts a spell to bring the American football team The Knights to help him.
A great cartoon with a unique plot.

The Maxx
The Maxx mini series are about a purple super hero living in a cardboard box.
It's one of the best comics adaptations ever since Aeon Flux. The artwork is brilliant.
I can't believe they didn't make more of this cartoon.
One of MTV's best, back then when MTV was actually a good channel.

A show with 179 episodes! Of course I didn't watch them all, but I watched enough to say that I love it. It's a story about four babies and their daily life full of wonderful adventures.
The cartoon started in 1991 and ended in 2004. One of the most successful animations ever.

Superman: The Animated Series
After this series I fell inlove with Superman... I never watched the movie or read the comics before that. It was just as great as Batman. You don't have to be a child to love that show. It's a piece of art.
The DVD is a must-have if you are a Superman fan.

Swat Kats
Swat Kats is about two cats fighter pilots who battle robotic spiders, deadly bacteria and all kind of evil. It was one of the first show I watched on Cartoon Netwoork. Too bad it had only two seasons.
It's more suitable for boys, though.

The last on the list but not least is X-Men. Another very popular super hero cartoon.
X-Men has one of the best graphics of all cartoons from the nineties. They released five seasons of it, all of them successful.
I am not a big fan of the movies, though. To me the cartoons were much better.
Highly recommend it to all Marvel fans.

That was my list of the best 90s cartoons. I am so happy that I grew up in years when they made so many astonishing cartoons. The 90s were the best!

So, what was your most favorite cartoon? Tell me if I missed some great show.[left-sidebar]


  1. Oh man, the memories this stirs in me!! Such a good post, I remember watching all these as a kid, I'm a little older than you and grew up playing outside sans technology as well.

  2. I grew up watching the same cartoons! I now get excited to watch them late at night on Nick. So nostalgic. Dark water holds a special place, but I tried watching it again and I no longer had the attention span for it. >.<
    Great list.

    1. I have a huge collection of 90s cartoons DVDs but I rarely had any time to watch them. If it wasn't for my little sister who wants to watch cartoons all the time I wouldn't find any time.
      It is really nostalgic watching them. We grow up so fast xox

  3. I love it!! The classics!
    I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin. Hope you will follow me back ♥


  4. So many memories! The Powerpuff Girls was definitely my favourite too, had the toys and everything haha!
    Beth xxx

    1. Haha it's my big sister's favorite too. I have her in my phone contact list as "Mojo Jojo" xox

  5. Omg this is so cool!! I remember I (sometimes) used to watch cartoons Ed, Edd 'N Eddy because there was nothing else but I found it so stupid haha...

  6. Haha Ed, Edd 'N Eddy is sick xox

  7. Wow… what a throwback! My favorites were Doug and Rugrats for sure. And Recess on One Saturday Morning.

    1. Brilliant cartoons! Especially Rugrats! xox

  8. Omg the memories!!! Growing up, I absolutely LOVED cartoon network and would spend hours watching it! I also live the outdoors and playing with neighbors and exploring the ''jungle'' also known as our backyards hahahah :)
    Love this post Anna!!! <3

    1. I had such a nostalgic feeling while writing this one.
      We grew up so fast :/

  9. Oh my goodness, these are so fun to look back on! Totally forgot how many cartoons I used to watch! Cartoon network and Nickelodeon were my favorite channels haha!

    1. It was the best time of my life! No real problems, no worries, only cartoons, ice creams and hanging out with friends outside.

  10. I recall most of the above...watching with my kids...memories. Daria is one that I have never heard of...gonna have to check her out! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  11. I love mostly all those shows you posted! Cartoon Network was literally my favorite channel and then I started watching Disney and Nick. Ahh gives me so much memories <3


  12. Omg.Sooo many good memories came from watching these shows. I was born in 2000 but i watched the 90s cartoons because i had older siblings. I loved and still love them all, including the good ones that came out before 2007.<3 <3 <3 <3 But rugrats will always hold a special place in my heart.(also love all grown up). Disney Nickalodeon and Cartoon Network just aren't the same with all these new "cartoons". I just wish that kids today could really see what they're really missing out on.

  13. Seeing how much you liked Beast Wars, I'd like to suggest a few others made by the same company (Mainframe Entertainment, at the time) and using much of the same computer rendered graphics;

    1. Beast Machines: Transformers - continued the story of Beast Wars but was much more thought out, a bit darker actually but still an excellent 90's show with probably the best production values of any from that era.

    2. Reboot - quite a playful show for the first 2-3 seasons but then gets really serious in the last. One of the better shows of the 90's.

    3. Shadow Raiders/War Planets - excellent concept for a show, one that ended far too early.

    These may have just been more popular in Canada, but I can't be certain. Excellent list you have here, though I can't say I watched all the shows but many here are terrific.


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