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 I just received a wedding invitation. I totally expected it and yet I panicked. What should I wear? I've never been to a wedding before. I wasn't planning to have one either. The only experience I have with weddings is through all the romantic movies I've watched.
So, I got the invitation at 9pm and stayed up until 1am. I read tons of posts and articles, and I started searching for a dress. I found that one. I had some doubts and I Googled "Can you wear white to a wedding". Then I read a Cosmo article. Cosmo said: "Don't wear white, don't be a fu*kin asshole". I admit, I stopped taking Cosmo seriously since they told me that "A poll found that 34 percent of guys say they wish a girl would surprise them with oral when they walk in the door". 
This time they were right. Wearing white at someone else's wedding is not a good idea. So, I kept searching and I got many ideas.
There are my ideas for women and for men (since I saw that a lot of men are confused as well).

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Your apparel will be determined by the type of the wedding and what they say on the invitation. It can be black tie, formal, semi-formal or casual.

What to wear to a wedding - Women

Try to look happy, classy and cheerful. It's a day to celebrate the love of two people and you should not try to take the attention away from them. Cut the super short dresses.
You don't really have to worry about the shoes. You can choose anything. Just make sure you can dance with these shoes.

Black tie wedding
Wear a formal floor-length gown dress. Do not wear ivory dress or anything similar to it! Wear glitzy jewelry, opera gloves and short train are also acceptable.
These are my suggestions

Wedding guest formal dress

1. Long Satin Dress $168 for women with a bigger budget
2. Midnight Satin Dress similar to the first one
3. Strapless long satin dress. Make sure that you wear a bra that is supportive enough.
4. Open back one shoulder dress

Shiny fabric floor-length gown is preferred.

Wedding guest formal dress

1. Sleeveless chiffon dress
2. V-Neck milk silk dress
3. Long beach dress
4. Deep v-neckline dress

You should wear a cocktail-length dress.

Wedding guest semi-formal dress

1. Cocktail Sheath Dress
2. Elegant Pink Dress
3. Black chiffon dress
4. Elegant cocktail dress

Cocktail-length dress. You have a bigger choice here but try to stay classy.

Wedding guest casual dress

1. Casual chiffon dress
2. Short Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Front
3. Rhinestone Empire Waist Sheer Party Dress
4. One Shoulder Flower Dress

What to wear to a wedding - Men

Black tie and formal wedding
You should get a suit if you don't have one. Solid navy and gray are the best colors for you. I think the black to men's wedding clothes is like the white to women's. If you don't get married, don't wear it.
The shirt should be white or light blue. Black shoes and belt. Brown isn't bad either. Wear a silk tie with repeating motif.

Wedding guest formal clothes men

 The suit is Salvatore Exte Wool, the shirt you can find here.

Business Casual 
Try to stay more formal. No sneakers or jeans allowed. Don't wear a full suit either. Wear a sport jacket or a blazer and nice trousers.

Wedding guest business casual clothes men

1. V neck blazer
2. Fit dress shirt
3. Concitor  dress pants

Wear jeans or chinos and more casual shirt. Skip the sneakers.

Billabong men's outsider chino pant and casual shirt

These are my ideas. Please, share your experience! What do you wear to a wedding? 

And finally, that's the dress that I'm gonna wear at the wedding


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