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22 ways to show your love of books

If you like Harry Potter-patterned dresses or Hunger Games earrings, you may like my list.

1. Map of the Middle Earth leggings. How cool is that? 
The big Tolkien fans like me gonna love it. 
Map of the Middle Earth leggings

2. Harry Potter Gryffindor tee. My apartment is full of Harry Potter accessories. 
Harry Potter Gryffindor tee

Mockingjay Necklace

Alice in Wonderland necklace

6. "I am not a princess I am a Khaleesi" Game of Thrones unique t-shirt
Khaleesi t-shirt

Game of Thrones Inspired Dragons Car Window Decal Car Window Decal

8. District 12 Hunger Games glass.
Hunger Games Glass

9. "Love Story" book necklaces.
book necklace

The Little Prince cover case

The Fault In Our Stars iPhone 5 case cover

 12. Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat mug
Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat mug

Oscar Wilde quote t-shirt

Pride and Prejudice vintage tote bag

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz t-shirt

16. Harry Potter marauders map dress.
Harry Potter dress

Mordor t-shirt

So many books so little time t-shirt

Camp Half Blood Harry Potter t-shirt

20. Women's reading books socks.

Game of Thrones mug

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  1. Great post! I totally want a pair of those socks.



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