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Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend!
Here's a collection of awesome things...

Stunning bicycle flower home decoration. It looks amazing! 
bicycle flower home decoration

Diana Leather Biker Crop Jacket

Hot tub bar refreshment float

Llama pillow

Metal modern art wall sculpture. Only if I were rich...

18K gold plated filigree sun disc

Cute and creative plant watering cloud
plant watering cloud

I am absolutely in love with these Bowtie sandals.
Bowtie sandals

Seascape Bandeau Bikini Top

Women's GEL-super J33 running shoes

I need that glass dispenser
Square Glass Dispenser

Cross Back Bandage Contrast Straps Midi Dress

Backpack for traveling


  1. I love your blog! It's really pretty.

    I started following you on bloglovin' and I would appreciate if you would have a look at my blog, you might like it:)


  2. Great post!!
    I LOVE that jacket! I definitely need one for the winter!!!



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