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Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend, everyone! These are my favorite things of the week...

How cool is that planter?

This PJ set is too cute, I adore the color, the tiny elephants, everything!
(via: forever21)

A dream house with a perfect location. I'd love to live somewhere without a nosy
neighbors and streets.
(via: WeHeartIt)

This ring is too adorable. I love simple beautiful rings.
beautiful ring

This bag rocks!
(via: ModCloth)

I absolutely adore this drawing by youngluck. Everything on it is perfect.
The title of the drawing is "She Only loves you when she's drunk"
(via: Reddit)

This glass is amazing! I love giraffes and I love cute glasses, so I fell in love
when I first saw it on Amazon.
(via: Amazon)

Can this be my bedroom, please?

Amazing lipstick
(via: Amazon)

I wish the buildings around here were that colorful.

I love Free People. I am currently in love with this lace romper.
(via: FreePeople)

Amazing cotton boyshort.

How awesome is this t-shirt?
(via: pacsun)

Beautiful galaxy bedroom set.
(via: Amazon)

Lovely rose bra.
(via: hottopic)

I am a big fan of Harry Potter so I fell in love when I saw this awesome journal book.
(via: Amazon)

I Don't Do Mornings Nightdress.
(via: forever21)

San Francisco wall clock.
(via: iluxo)

This mat from Bloomingdale's is so adorable.
(via: Bloomingdale's)

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