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50 must-read erotic romance novels

Do you like erotic romance novels? I've been reading a lot of them this year. I love the genre! The most visited article on my blog is Books like 50 Shades of Grey that I wrote in January so I think it's time to make a new list for the fans of the genre. For the next months I will try to write reviews for all the books I've read.
These are the 50 must-read erotic romance novels. Most of these books in my opinion are far better than 50 Shades of Grey.


Erotic romance novels

1. Black Lies
Black Lies
Black Lies by Alessandra Torre is in my top 5 erotic novels that I've read this year. An amazing book, with brilliant story and well written. As soon as I read the first 5-10 pages of this book I knew it will become one of my favorites for the year.
Black Lies is in my opinion Alessandra Torre's best work. It's a story about a woman (Layana) that wants to break free of all the things that restrained her her whole life. She's rich, she's rebellious and ready to try new things.

2. Call Me Yours 
Call me yours
Call Me Yours is a story about the pretentious, bratty daddy's princess Caitlin. She has everything until the day her dad cuts her off financially and she has to make a living by herself so she finds a job as a sex phone operator. Meanwhile Caitlin meets the handsome and dominant Simon and they fall in love.

I enjoyed this book. The story is engaging and unique. There's spanking, there's dominance and kind of weird awesome relationship. Definitely a fresh erotic novel. If you are into "spanking romance" this book is for you.

3-5. Filthy Beautiful Lies series
Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan is a fantastic erotic romance series. If you want series that features drama, an erotic romance sweet story with plenty of hot scenes you will enjoy it. The series is a perfect mix of sweet and sexy. When I finished reading the two books I had the biggest smile on my face. I couldn't stop sharing on my facebook and Twitter how much I loved it. The 3rd book will be released on November 10.
I will just leave this review here:
"Every Kendall Ryan book should come with a fan and some batteries because they are that hot." - Lauren Blakely, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author. 
Filthy Beautiful Lies series

6. Comfort Food
Comfort food - erotic romance novel
If you like dark erotic novels you will love Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. What a find this book is! This is my favorite “kidnap” novel of the year!
It's a story about Emily Vargas who has been taken captive. Her captor is handsome and far from violent. One of his methods to torture her is to refuse to speak to Emily as he knows how much she misses human contact.
The story is told in the first person from Emily's perspective. The novel is messed up in so many levels but it's very addictive.
I loved it and I think you will love it too if you are into that kind of a storyline.

7. Going Under
Going under - Erotic novel
Going Under by S. Walden is a MUST READ! It's another novel with unique feel and a great storyline.
The main character is Brooke Wright, a girls who wants to stay out of trouble in her senior year at Charity Run High School. She can't escapes the troubles as she finds a secret clubs that is connected to the death of her best friend. She discovers that the swimming team members of the school participate in a club named "Fantasy Slut League" where they earn points by having sex with unsuspected girls.
Brooke decides to become one of the "unsuspected girls" seeking for a revenge.
Read this as soon as possible! It's AH-MAZING!

8. Sex Love Repeat 
Sex love repeat - erotic romance novel
Sex Love Repeat is another one of the great erotic romance novels by Alessandra Torre.
It's a story about a woman who loves two men, she sleeps with them, she has relationship with them and both of them know it. This is not a love triangle with cheating. The main character is dating two men, they both know about it and they are okay with it and she gets what she needs from both of them in different ways.
I adored this book to pieces. Would you have that kind of relationship or it is a taboo for you?

9. Broken
Broken - erotic novel
Broken by Megan Hart is a super hot erotic novel about a woman named Sadie. She has a friend (Joe) who once a month over lunch tells her about his latest conquests. Joe doesn't know that in Sadie's mind she's the star of every hot story he's telling her. She is obsessed with their imaginary sex life and no one knows about it... especially her husband.
I couldn't put down this book. I can't call this book a typical erotica. It's not. Sure, there's a lot of sex in it but while reading it you will feel all kinds of emotions... anger, sadness, empathy, excitement!
Definitely one of the most unique romance novels I've read.

10. The Reluctant Dom
The Reluctant Dom
One of the most well-written and beautiful erotic novels I've read. The point of this book isn't the kink and the hot scenes (even if there are a lot of them) but it's the emotional journey that every of the characters go through.
The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton is a book that will stay forever with you after you read it. It's not an easy read though, it can make you cry but it can also make you laugh. To me these are the best kinds of books, books that can make you experience different emotions.
10/10 I would read again.

11. Suddenly You
Suddenly You - Erotic romance novel
Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas is HOT, HOT, HOT! The plot is amazing, the characters are great and I just loved it.
It's a story about unmarried, untouched Englishwoman living in a world where the appearance is almost everything. She doesn't want to celebrate her 30 birthday without making love to a man. She makes a gift to herself by hiring an awesome man for one night. Something that will become much more than just one night sex.
I love the male character in the novel (Jack). This guy was unbelievably hot!

12. Be With Me
Be With Me - Erotic novel
I loved Be With Me by Maya Banks. It's very sexy novel with a nice plot. I was little skeptical at the beginning... I mean... 3 men in love with one woman and willing to share her... I didn't think I'd like it. I was wrong.
It was super fun book to read and even sexier! I can't say it's in my favorite books but if you are a fan of the genre it's a must-read!
And btw I am not a big fan of Maya Banks because the plot of most of her books seems unrealistic to me but this one was different.

13. Ménage
Ménage by Emma Holly is a very nice erotic romance story about the bookstore owner Kate and her two roommates Joe and Sean. She's convinced they are gay but one day when she comes back home she finds them in bed and they ask her to join them. That's the beginning of a weird relationship. A lot of men want Emma but she loves her two boys.
I finished this book last week and I really recommend it. The sex scenes are really hot and the plot is interesting.
One of the hottest books on my list.

14. Hot in Here
Hot in here - erotic novels
Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick is a novel about the celebrity chef Bryce Ryder who's having sexual thoughts about his old friend Jenna. Soon their fantasies become reality in one tasty erotic story.
One of my friends recommended me this book but I haven't read it yet. Somehow I can't get out of my mind the image of Gordon Ramsay while reading about a celebrity chef so it's kind of turn off for me... But if you don't have such problems you should definitely give it a try. Plus it receives a lot of good reviews on the Internet.

15. Waking the Witch
Waking the Witch
Waking the Witch by Lisa Whitefern is a story about a woman with a magical necklace. The necklace make her have lustful thoughts.
It's really nice and hot story as long as you are okay with the fact this is actually a novella which is shorter than a novel and if you like such kind of a plot. It's similar to Wicked Wonderland.
It's paranormal, sexy and well written. Beautiful book.

16. Bite With Height
Bite With Height
Bite With Height by Lucy Felthouse is a story about two girls who meet in Paris and fall in love. One of the girls is lonely and the other is a vampire...
Definitely not one of the erotic romance novels that everyone would read. If you are more open minded you should try it.
I loved the characters and the great story even if it was too short. I've read couple of that kind of novels before and they are actually entertaining. I may make a list of lesbian interest erotic novels in future if there are enough girls interested.
If you never read lesbian erotic novel before this one is very good for your first.

17. I'm in Love with a Stripper
I'm in Love with a Stripper - Erotic Romance Novel
I'm in Love with a Stripper by Michelle Marola isn't the best erotic novel I've read but I included it in the list because the story is quite awesome and it's very cheap. The Kindle version on Amazon right now is $4.79. Definitely worth the money if you need an easy fast read.
Cute, short, sexy story about Alena, a nanny employed by a rich businessman but she also has to work as a stripper at night so she can support herself.
Try it and leave a feedback in the comments :)

18. Deeper
Deeper - Erotic romance novel
Deeper by Megan Hart is an amazing love story! That's one of the books that when you finish it you will miss it. It's one of the most emotional books on my list.
What would you do if you get a second chance for your long lost love? The characters in this books were given that chance.
I highly recommend this romance novel. It may not be one of the typical books you read but you gonna love it.

19. Six
Six - erotic novels
Harmony is a respectable professional but she has a secret life. Once a year she reunited with her old colleges and friends (The Group of Six) for sex. There's no limits and rules. This year everything is different because she has a serious boyfriend. He has no idea about this ritual.
The novel is addictive and smoking hot! It's a must-read for everyone who's looking for good books of the genre.
Super kinky!

20. Four Play
Four Play - Erotic romance novels
Four Play by Maya Banks is a novel with two stories. Can you imagine a romance story by three men and one woman? It's kinda crazy right? Well I like crazy that's why I got this book. I finished it in 4 days and I loved it!
Both stories were amazing. Highly recommend it.
The only problem I found in the story is that it's not too realistic three alpha men to be willing to share one woman...
I totally loved this book. It was so addictive I didn't see my friends for four days.
Check it.

21. PA Exposé
PA Exposé
PA Exposé by Kristal Baird isn't very popular erotic novel and you probably never heard of it. A friend of mine recommended it to me so one night I got the Kindle version and finished it in two days.
It's a story about the journalist Cally Hammond who believes she's undercover to expose the dominating executive Jake Stone.
However her real boss duped her into undergoing training to become sexually submissive.
I loved this book and recommend it to everyone. Also the Kindle version is just .99 cents so you don't risk much.

22. Breathe into Me
Breathe into Me - Erotic romance novels
Lacey's life is broken. She has a boring low paid job and she is stuck raising her little brother. She has an annoying stalker ex-boyfriend and a bad reputation. She doesn't have anyone to support her and her life is absolute hell. I bet a lot of girls can relate and have similar stories.
She can't see a way out. That's until the day she meets Everett. He will change everything... but can he trust him?
What an amazing find this book was! This book made me realize how bad the life can be and made me appreciate everything I have. The plot is amazing and hot!

23. Switch
Switch is another nice erotic novel by Megan Hart. I adore her. She's the author of "Dirty" and "Tempted" that probably most of you know about.
Switch is little bit different. It's not that famous novel but deserves an attention.
At the beginning you would thing it's the same plot like many other novels. The girl falls in love with a dominant man. The different thing here is that as the story progresses you can see the transformation of the main character (Paige) and how she grows from being submissive to a strong woman who knows what she wants. I really loved that exact thing in this book.
Definitely worth reading!

24. Devoured series
Devoured series by Emily Snow is a story about Sienna Jensen who just graduated from college and has no plans going back home because all of her dreams are connected to LA. That's until she discovers that her grandma's house in Nashville has been foreclosed and the new owner starts the eviction process.
Sienna has no other choice but to come back home. There she meets the new owner... The man she thought she'd never see again. Amazing series.
Devoured series

25. Not Quite a Husband
Not Quite a Husband - Erotic romance novels
Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas is one of the erotic romance novels that surprised me in a good way. I didn't expect much when I got it because I never heard of it before and I don't actually read many books that aren't recommended to me or I didn't find on Goodreads or some blog. It's one of my good finds.
This awesome novel is about forgiveness, trust, mistakes and sex! A lot of it and described just great! Not Quite a Husband is one of the hottest books I've read this year.
I became a fan of Sherry Thomas after this book and will definitely check some of her other work. One of the most talented romance writers.

26. Wild, Wicked, & Wanton
Wild, Wicked, & Wanton - Erotic Romance Novels
Wild, Wicked, & Wanton by Jaci Burton was a great red. It's about three best friends who make a bet for each of them to have an amazing crazy weekend of sex with a man the others choose. Then each of them have to share all the juicy details about their wild weekend. How crazy is that? I could never do that kind of thing. Maybe that's why I liked this book so much. How cool is to have friends that can push you past your own boundaries and to know you will always have their support and not judgment. I like books that play with my imagination.
A hot well written novel. A must-read for every fan of the genre.

27. Hope's Chance
Hope's Chance - Erotic Romance novels
Hope's Chance by Jennifer Foor is not a well know novel and definitely not the best one of the genre but I loved it. Maybe because of the plot and that I could relate to the main character Hope. Her parents divorced and her life turned upside down. To clear her mind and avoid all the family issues she have she took extra classes and graduated earlier than usual before she even turns eighteen. After a long time without a connection with her father, he moves back to her hometown. Hope's mother insist she go to visit her father even if Hope doesn't like the idea much. She moves to her fathers mansion and that's where she meets the guy living in the pool house. That's where all the fun begins.
I really enjoyed the book and strongly recommend it.

28. The Sweet series
The Sweet series by Maya Banks is the best series I've read this year. I finished all six books for less than two months. Each book has different hero and heroine and the whole series is a collection of hot stories about friend and coworkers most of whom works for one security company in Texas. The stories of the books are connected so I suggest you to not skip any novel of the series. Anyone who loves little romantic suspense mixed with hot, amazing erotica should check Maya Banks' work.

The Sweet series
The Sweet series

29. Resisting Her
Resisting Her - erotic romance novels
Resisting Her by Kendall Ryan is one of the erotic romance novels that I enjoyed most this year.
It's a story about the FBI agent Cole Fletcher who takes care of the nineteen year old Savannah. Savannah is too damaged psychically to live on her own and she has no other option but to live with agent Cole.
He comforts her each time she has nightmares and each time she tries to escape her haunting memories from the past. She prefers to sleep cuddling and her big desire to please him in every way makes her harder to resist.
The plot is addictive and I couldn't put the book down. I finished it for less than 3 days. Hot and easy read.

30. Hard to Love
hard to love - erotic romance novels
Hard to Love is the second novel by Kendall Ryan that I read. This one made me fall in love with this author. First I have to say that this erotic novel was NY Times bestseller.
It's a story about a young boy named Cade who takes cares of his sick little sister. The medical bills are growing and the only way he can make enough money to cover them is by doing what he does best - cage fighting and starring in adult movies.
The plot is really unique and that's what I loved most. There's nothing better than a novel with hot, well-written hot scenes and amazing engaging plot. I highly recommend this book.

31. Office Affair
Office Affair - erotic romance novels
Office Affair by Jess Dee is another book that I like. I can't say that the plot is unique or anything special. You know... the typical office erotica but what made it good for me was the style of writing. I never read anything by Jess Dee before so Office Affair was a pleasant surprise.
The characters have a special connection and the way of writing made it super hot for me.
An amazing and sexy office erotic novel. Nothing more, nothing less.
Fast, easy and fun read.

32. Alex Kennedy series 

Alex Kennedy by Megan Hart is series of two books: Tempted and Naked. It's one of the best series you can read this year. It's unbelievably hot with a great plot. It tells the story of a married couple with a perfect life. They seem to have everything and are completely satisfied with their life. That's when Alex comes to visit them. Alex is the best friend of the husband (James). The first time Anne see him she doesn't like him. Alex follows her with her eyes and she doesn't like how her husband James changes when Alex is around. That don't stop her for wanting her husband's friend. The best thing for Anne is that James don't seem to mind it. That's how it starts a hot, sexy relationship between a married couple and their friend.
It's not an easy read and will cause different feelings in you. It's not a mindless plot just about hot erotic scenes. It's a meaningful story that will show you what are the consequences for bringing another person in your marriage.
I loved it.

Alex Kennedy series

33. Breathless series
Breathless series by Maya Banks is one of the most famous series of the genre for the last year. I gave it a try after a lot of my friends recommended it to me. I loved it. I finished the series for less than a month.
For those of you who don't know what's the series about - it's a story about three billionaires who are best friends and also partners in business. Each book of the trilogy is a story for one of them, their relationships with women and how they discover their love.
Breathless series

34. Monsters in the Dark
Monsters in the Dark by Pepper Winters is not series for everyone. It's not for people sensitive to grief, slavery, and nonconsensual. I am reading the second book right now and I really like it.
Monsters in the Dark

35. Tangled series 
Tangled by Emma Chase is without any doubt one of the best erotic romance series I've ever read. There are 4 books in the series: Tangled, Twisted, Tamed and the last one that came out couple of days ago - Tied.
The first book of the series was Goodreads Choice For 2013. It's one of the most loved erotic romance novels ever written.

Tangled series
Tangled series

36. Beauty series 
There are three books in the Beauty series by Georgia Cates - Beauty from Pain, Beauty from Surrender and Beauty from Love.
It's a story about another millionaire - Jack McLachlan. He's successful wine magnate and he's arranging his relationship like they are business deals. No strings attached and for limited time.
Even if I am not much into this kind of erotic novels all about rich men I liked the series. It's really sexy and with a nice plot. I'd like to see more books of the genre about down-to-Earth, hard working not so rich men though. It seems much more realistic to me.

Beauty series by Georgia Cates

37. The Dom's Dungeon
The Dom's Dungeon - Erotic Romance Novels
This book isn't an easy read! I can;t express how much I loved it. It's one of the best novels I've read this year.
The plot is very powerful. It's about the veterinarian MacKensie who completely changed her life. She was a foster child and an easy girl before but not anymore. She is disappointed by most of the people and likes animals more. But it's time for her to move on and forget about her dark past. She gets an vacation in Seattle that will also use for a job hunting.
I am not much into BDSM but after I finished this book it totally changed my mind. I strongly recommend it!

38. Beyond series
Beyond series by Kit Rocha was a great find for me this year. There are currently five books in the series - Beyond Shame, Beyond Control, Beyond Pain, Beyond Jealousy and Beyond Addiction. There are two more books coming in 2015.
Dirty, hot with engaging plot. Every next book is better than the previous. The amazing dystopian world that the author created is the best part of the series. Some of the best erotic romance novels in the Beyond series! A must read.
Beyond series
Beyond series

39. Brown Siblings series
Brown Siblings is an outstanding series by Lauren Dane. It contains six well-written, super hot erotic romance novels. It follows the stories of the Brown family members and their friends. It's the perfect mix of sexy erotic scenes and engaging plot. After finishing the first book you will be addicted to the series and you will want to read more and more.
I decided to get the first book of the series - Laid Bare, after I read a lot of good reviews on the Internet and it wasn't a mistake. The book was just WOW and every next book was amazing as well.
Brown Siblings series
Brown Siblings series

40. Completion series
I like sports and I like erotica. So I don't think any of you will be surprised that I totally fell in love with Completion series by Holly S. Roberts. There's no connection between any of the three books, just the sport plot. For the first book is football , for the second baseball and for the last one - rugby.
I strongly recommend this hot series to all sports fans like me and to all girls who just like sportsmen... so basically to all girls out there :)
Completion series

41. In Too Deep
In Too Deep - Erotic Romance Novels
In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa is not one of the most well known erotic romance novels out there but it's one of the books I loved the most this year. I loved the plot! It's full of mysteries and suspense and that's the way I like it.
Gwendolynne Price is a librarian who finds proposals and sexy stories by some mystery man in her suggestion box every day. She's shocked that all the messages are focused on her deepest sexual fantasies. How weird is that?
I adored this book.

42. What Happened in Vegas
What Happened in Vegas - Erotic Romance Novels
Do you remember the TV series "Las Vegas" with Josh Duhamel? That's what I had on mind when I got What Happened in Vegas by Sylvia Day. I was obsessed with that show! Plus I loved the Crossfire series and I couldn't miss Sylvia Day's book.
The story of What Happened in Vegas is very short but hot. Not the best erotica out there but definitely worth for .99 cents on Amazon.

43. Wrecked
Wrecked - Erotic Romance Novels
I love this novel because a lot of girls can relate to the story. The book is about the young girl Evie who's trying to figure out how to put her life in order because she's destroying everything. She's exposes her dad's affairs, she destroyed her relationship with her long time boyfriend, and also destroyed her music scholarship.
Desperate for a fresh start she's focusing at her new university. But there she meets her new handsome voice instructor.
Unbelievably hot and beautiful story.

44. Now or Never
Now or Never - Erotic Romance Novels
Now or Never by A.J. Bennett is a simple and hot story about the 21 year old Grayson Alexander who's just coming out of of an abuse relationship and looking for a fresh start.
She's trying to enjoy her new freedom with no strings attached relationships and one night stands.
I loved this novel and basically read it for less than six hours. I normally don't like when the main character girl on any book has sex with multiple male partners just because I am not that type of a girl and it's kinda of taboo for me but it's definitely fun, fast and fresh read.

45. Untamed
Untamed - Erotic Romance Novels
Untamed by Kathleen Lawless is one of the last books I've read. I really liked it. It wasn't anything special, just a normal, nice, well-written erotic novel. It's a fast and funny read and you should really check it if you are searching for some new books to read of this genre.
It's one of my best friends' recent favorites which should tell you something since she's a bigger fan of the erotic genre than me, and she reads a lot more erotica than me.

46. Fate
Fate - Erotic Romance Novels
Here's another one of the erotic romance novels your probably never heard of and that I think you gonna love. Fate by Nikki Sex.
It's a quite a new novel, published this year and it was suggested to me by one of my blog readers.
It has really beautiful plot. It's about Emily who has a crush on her brother's best friend but he never looks at her like a girl he could date. For him she's just like a little sister.
There's much more than sex and BDSM in this novel and people who like good story lines will appreciate it. The style of writing is also very good. It was one of the books that after I start reading it I just can't put down and want to finish for a day. Strongly recommend it.

47. Unrestrained
Unrestrained - Erotic Romance Novels
Unrestrained by Joey W. Hill is kind of different book from the other of the list because it's about very strong and independent female main character.
The book follows the story of Athena, an accomplished and successful businesswoman who just have lost her husband. Since his death Athena has the desire to explore the submissive part of the sexual relationship. The problem is that she's know as a mistress because that's the role she always played.
If you are into BDSM don't miss this novel. It's the best of the genre that I've read this year.

48. Red
Red - Erotic Romantic Novels
Red by Kate Kinsey is an amazing BDSM thriller. Also I must say the cover is one of the most beautiful of all the books on the list.
Red tells the story of detectives Hanson and Griggs who's trying to resolve a case about a serial killer and the one thing that connects the victims is their BDSM style. Detective Hanson seeks help from his ex girlfriend Gina as she is involved in this kind of a lifestyle.
Another really hot BDSM erotic romance novel but this time there's a lot of mysteries and suspense in the plot.
Mind you the storyline is little bit dark so it's not for everyone. I really enjoyed it though.

49. Linger
Linger - Erotic Romance Novels
Linger is another book by the famous erotica writer Maya Banks. I really love her style and couldn't miss to put Linger on my list. In her stories you can always see the right combination of erotica, emotions and romance. This novel is no different. There are two separated stories in the book. The first one is "Stay with me" and the second one is "Songbird". I loved the both stories. The only problem with this book I have is that I wanted to be little bit longer. Anyway, it's a fast and easy read. Very hot and sexy too.

50. Unfolding
Unfolding - Erotic Romance Novels
And last but not least on my list of 50 must-read erotic romance novels is Unfolding by Selena Kitt.
The main character is Charlie. She live a completely average life in a normal home and she likes it. She has a husband and beautiful children.
She discovers her secret taboo that will turn her sex life from boring to a mind-blowing amazing experience. It's a story about a married woman who is ready to test her boundaries as she turns her sexual fantasies into a reality.
It's one of the books on the list with the best erotic scenes.

This was my list of 50 must-read erotic romance novels. I hope you liked it. You can add more books to the list as I am planning to make reviews of new erotic romance novels every month.

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