Friday favorites #10 - XX Chromosomes

Friday favorites #10

Hello everyone!
It's Friday again. Here are my favorite stuff of the week...

In love with the color!
red lipstick

You are the cheese to my macaroni sweatshirt. I just can't
get enough of these.
funny pretty women sweatshirt

Super cute Totoro bed. I don't care how old I am
I need this!
Totoro bed

How cute is this giant plush pillow?
hug plush pillow

Adorable beanie.

Amazing body and amazing dress. In love.

Absolutely amazing makeup organizer

Very cheap but beautiful watch.
cheap watch

It's never too early to get some beautiful bikini set.
bikini set

cute shirt

iPhone cover case

Stunning fashion mini skirt.
white mini skirt

In love with the bra. Perfection!

One of the best vests I've seen. Amazon have it
Women sleeveless vest

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