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10 must-read fiction books

I haven't read fiction in a while but after reading Annihilation I was so impressed that I started searching for more. I found a lot of must-read fiction books but I picked only 10 for you.
10 must-read fiction books

1. The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly
The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly
The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes is the first book of my 10 must-read fiction books.
It's a story about the seventeen-year-old girl Minnow, who's been a member of The Kevinian cult for twelve years. A cult that took away her family, her ability to trust, and her hands when she rebelled. A cult that changed her life forever.
Now the leader of the cult has been murdered and the camp set on fire and FBI investigation takes place. It's clear Minnow knows something.
She keeps dark secrets of her past. An amazing mystery fiction novel.
This book surprised everyone. No one expected it and there was no hype about it. Yet, one month after it has been published it became very popular. I will add it on my list of Books to Read this Summer.

2. China Rich Girlfriend
China Rich Girlfriend
China Rich Girlfriend is written by the author of Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan. He's back with another funny amazing chick-lit fiction.
A book about secret e-mails, art-work scandals, crazy lovesick billionaires, money... a lot of money and rich people's drama.
So much fun to read!

3. It's You 
It's You
It's You by Jane Porter is another fiction novel you must read. It's from the USA Today bestselling author of the Brennan Sisters series.
Dr. Alison McAdams lost her way in life. That's why when she'a called to Napa to take care of her ailing father she feels like she can't offer anything to him.
What Ali finds in Northern California is an opportunity to rest and try to get rid of the horrible memories.
Ali becomes part of her dad's community and makes new friends and hears the stories of a generation that survived the WWII. A community that helps her put together the broken pieces of her heart and starts a new life.  

4. How to Build a Girl
How to Build a Girl
What do you do in your teen years when you realize everything your parents taught you is either wrong or not enough? You must go out and find books, and poetry and bad heroes and make mistakes - and build yourself.
That's what How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran is about. It's 1990, and the fourteen years old Johanna Morrigan decides that there's no point being Johanna anymore and she becomes Dolly Wilde - hard drinking gothic girl and a lady sex adventurer. She will save her poor family by writing.
By sixteen she smokes cigarettes, writes for a music paper, getting drunk a lot, writes sex letters to rock stars and having sex with all kinds of men.
It's a story about the 90s and how a girl builds herself.

5. The Book of Unknown Americans
The Book of Unknown Americans
The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez is one of the most heartbreaking adult fiction novels I've ever read. This books was published in the beginning of 2014 and I read it for less than a 2 weeks.
Don't get fooled, it's not an easy and fast read. It's a heavy book. It gives voice to millions of American as it follows the love story of a Panamanian boy and a Mexican girl: teenagers living in an apartment block full of immigrant families just as their own. A must-read fiction novel.

6. Tiny Little Thing
Tiny Little Thing
Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams is one of the most popular fiction novels out there right now.
Christina "Tiny" Schuyler is a New York that does everything right. Including marrying one of the future political leaders. While her husband is on a campaign she receives package containing incriminating photos of her past and a demand for money or the photos will be made public.
A great story about family secrets!

7. Dark Disciple (Star Wars)
Star Wars: Dark Disciple
I am a huge Star Wars fan so Dark Disciple by Christie Golden is one of my favorite books of the year. It's based on unreleased script from the TV show Star Wars: Clone Wars.
It stars one of my favorite characters, Asajj Ventress! Star Wars books are always a risk because so many different authors are hired to write them that every time you see a new book from the series you don't know what to expect. It's safe to say Christie Golden did a great job! Dark Disciple is one of my favorite books of the series alongside Tarkin.

8. The Falconer 
The Falconer
The Falconer by Elizabeth May is the first book of new beautiful fiction series.
The plot follows the story of Aileana Kameron in 1844 in Scotland, who was found over the body of her own mother covered with blood. Everyone thinks she's responsible for the murder but she knows the truth, it was a faery who killed her mother. Now Aileana seeks a revenge, living double life.

9. Panic
Panic by Lauren Oliver
Panic by Lauren Oliver was suggest from a lot of our readers so I decided to put it on the list. It was published last year and gained a lot of popularity.
It's a dystopian novel following the story of Heather, a girl living in a dead-end-town of 12 000 people in the middle of nowhere. She never thought she's gonna compete in Panic, a legendary game, that's gonna test her fears.
It looks to me like another Hunger Games type novel but the people in the Goodreads swear it's nothing like this. I suggest you give it a try as it's one of the most popular fiction novels for the last year.

10. Alienated
Alienated by Melissa Landers
Alienated by Melissa Landers is the last novel from my must-read fiction books list and it's the first book of another beautiful young adult series.
Two years ago the aliens made contact and now Cara is going to share one bedroom with one. She's picked to host the first ever student exchange programs between the aliens and humans. Their DNA is almost identical to ours.
Cara isn't sure what to think when she meets her new alien roommate - Aelyx. The only thing she's sure about is that no human is that good looking.
Alienated is a beautiful romance fiction you must read.

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