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50 budget-friendly kitchen ideas

Budget friendly kitchen ideas

After the big success of my 50 budget-friendly bedroom ideas post I wrote the last year, I decided to make a list of some amazing affordable kitchen ideas. These are my suggestions:

Get new mugs

1. American Horror Story mug. Check it here.
American horror story mug

2. A Real Fox-er Upper Mug. Check the price here.
A Real Fox-er Upper Mug

3. Cute little coffee cat mug. Check it here.
Black and white cute cat mugs

4. Soup and cracker mugs. See it here.
Soup and crackers mug

5. Musical Note Mug. Check it here.
Musical Note Mug

6. Adventure Time Mug. How cute is this mug? See more here.
Adventure Time Mug

Kitchen Ideas

7. Cute Storage Cabinet. You can see it here.
Cute Storage Cabinet

8. Awesome seasoning boxes. Check the price here.
Seasoning boxes

9. Finger Edge cutting board. You can see it here.
14 inch cutting board

10. Soup Bowls. Check the price here.
Colorful soup bowls

11. Digital Measuring Cup. So handy! See it here.
Digital measuring cup

12. 45-piece Dinnerware Set. You can see it here.
Dinnerware set - red

13. S'mores maker. Check the price here.
S'mores maker

14. Lovely measuring cups. See here.
Fox measuring cups

15. Porcelain tea cup set. You can see it here.
Porcelain colorful tea cup set

16. Popcorn maker from Amazon.
Popcorn machine portable

17. Soda maker. Check the price here.
Soda maker

18. Five person table with chairs. Check the price here.
5 person table with chairs

19. Food dispenser. Get it here.
Food dispenser

20. Wine holder. You can see it here.
Wine bottle holder

21. Cake-Sicle pan. So cute. Check it here.
Cake pan

22. Toaster/Griddle/Coffeemaker. Check the price here.
Toaster and coffeemaker in one

23. Kitchen set. See it here.
Kitchen set

24. Mini digital spoon. Check here.
Mini digital

Get some awesome tablecloth

25. Benson Mills tablecloth. Check the price here.
Benson Mills tablecloth

26. Gourmet tablecloth. You can see it here.
Gourmet tablecloth

27. Lenox Chirp tablecloth. Get it from here.
Lenox chirp tablecloth

28. Beautiful tablecloth. Check it here.
Birds tablecloth

29. Red tablecloth. See it here
Red tablecloth

30. Leaf tablecloth. See the price here.
Leaf tablecloth

31. Christmas tablecloth. See it here.
Christmas tablecloth

32. Sapphire tablecloth. Check the price here.
Sapphire tablecloth

33. Ribbon rose tablecloth. See it here.
Ribbon rose tablecloth

34. Daisy tablecloth. See here.
Daisy tablecloth

35. Princess vintage tablecloth. You can see it here.
Princess vintage tablecloth

36. Luxury tablecloth. Get it from here.
Luxury tablecloth

37. Bird tablecloth. See it here.
Bird tablecloth

More awesome kitchen stuff 

38. Water infuser. Get it here.
Water infuser

39. Corn cutter. See it here.
Corn cutter

40. Stockpot. Check it here.

41. Creative mermaid glass. Check it here.
Mermaid glass

42. My favorite recommendation on the list. Check the price here.
Funny text glass

43. Cute apron. Check it here.
Cute aqua apron

44. Cotton apron. You can get it from here.
Cotton apron

45. Black apron. See here.
Black apron

46. Marilyn apron. Get it here.
Marilyn apron

47. Squirrel nut cracker. Check the price here.
Squirrel nut cracker

48. Chalkboard table runner. See here.
Chalkboard table runner

49. Aeropress coffee maker. Check it here.
Coffee and espresso maker

50. Spaghetti and pasta maker. See it here.
Spaghetti and pasta maker

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