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Top 100 blogs about books

I love reading! I love writing about books and making book lists. My most popular posts so far on this blog are about books. My highest traffic post is 50 books like 50 shades of grey and my second most visited post is 50 books like Divergent. The two posts brought me tons of traffic, much more than all the other articles combined. Maybe because I enjoyed writing these the most.
I love reading book reviews and blogs about books. I have a lot of favorite book blogs that inspire me and give me a lot of ideas. I decided to make a list of all of them. They are not organized by rank or by how much I love them. These are my Top 100 blogs about books:

Blogs About Books

1. The Starry-Eyes Revue by Jen and April. I love their reviews
so much. This blog needs more attention.
2. I am a reader by Kathy. She's a top 500 Amazon reviewer. Amazing reviews.
3. Jessabella Reads by Jessica. One of the best books blog!
4. New Adult Addiction by JA Huss. An author of the Amazon bestselling
Rook and Ronin series.
5. YA Romantics by Jen. If you want to find young adult romantic novels
suggestions, this is your place.
6. My Friends Are Fiction by Kristen. Amazing blog about
YA book reviews, interviews, giveaways and more.
7. The Forest of Words and Pages by Sabrina and Samantha.
Beautiful blog with amazing reviews. 
8. Bookish by Evie, Andrea, Jessica, Tiffany, Debbie. 
Absolute favorite blog. Definitely deserves more attention.
9. Katie's Book Blog by Katie. An old amazing blog full of great content.
10. Me, My Shelf and I by Amber. I am in love with this blog. 
11. Candace's Book Blog by Candace. 
12. Effortlessly Reading by Kelly. A NYC college student with tons of books
and amazing reviews. 
13. Reviews from a Bookworm by Charnell. 
14. Bewitched Bookworms by Danny, Heather and Pushy. One of the best
book reviews blogs with a lot of giveaways.
15. Daisy Chain Book Reviews by Leanna.
16. Everyday Reading by Janssen. An amazing blog by an amazing mom of three 
adorable little girls that reads a lot.
18. The Bookish Outsider by Fi Clark. This blog should be more popular.
I love it. Giveaways, challenges and nice reviews.
19. A Dream Within A Dream by Stephanie. A super cute book reviews blog.
You should check it.
20. About to Read by Tiffany. What an amazing blog. Beautiful template,
interesting posts almost daily. I am in love with it.
21. Nick's Book Blog by Nick
22. Readers In Wonderland by Alise and Bec. They review YA novels.
23. Book Chick City by Carolyn. Amazing blog! Her Instagram account
is also worth following. 
24. Tynga's Reviews by Cindy. Beautiful blog with hundreds of books reviews.
Cindy started it in 2009! Dedication!
25. So Simply Stephanie by Stephanie. A beautiful blog I've been following since
she switched to Blogger.
26. Red Hot Books by Jen.
27. Ana's Attic by Ana
28. Caffeinated Book Reviewer by Kimberly.
29. Chapter by Chapter by MaryAnn and Gabby. An amazing blog created by
mother and daughter. I love it. 
30. Pure Imagination by Lori. Such an amazing YA blog.
31. Step Into Fiction by Jessica, Ashley and Sana
32. Book Angel Booktopia by Emma
33. Bea's Book Nook by Bea
34. My ParaHangover by Kristin
35. My Shelf Confessions by April
37. Addicted2Heroines by Anne and Cat. Such an amazing unique blog.
I am absolutely in love with it. Deserves much more attention!
38. Itching for Books by Shane
39. The Windy Pages by Kimberly. A beautiful blog started in 2011.
40. Alexa Loves Books by Alexa. Giveaways and amazing book reviews
by the beautiful Alexa.
41. Falling For YA by Emily
42. A Reading Nurse by Anasheh
44. Laura Plus Books by Laura. One of my faves.
45. Pink Polka Dot Book Blog by Michelle
46. Lilybloombooks by Tonyalee
47. YA Midnight Reads by Melanie, Celine and Larissa
48. Stories & Sweeties by Becky
49. Susan Heim on Writing by Susan
50. Reader Rising by Emily
51. The Midnight Garden by Wendy. You should check this amazing blog.
I found it 2 months ago and I've read most of it! Highly recommended!
52. Book of Secrets by Diana
53. Two Chicks On Books by Jaime
54. Hidden in Pages by Karissa
55. Stay Bookish by Hazel
56. Belle of the Literati by Kelly. An amazing blog. I just
did Kelly's re-read challenge
57. Book'd Out by Shelleyrae. Visit this blog. It's one of the best book blogs
on my list.
58. The Book Addicts Guide by Brittany. Unique blog with
amazing reviews.
59. Fluttering Butterflies by Michelle
60. The Perpetual Page-turner by Jamie. Amazing blog. This blog
deserves a lot more attention. It's one of my inspirations. 
61. Icey Books by Hafsah and Asma.
62. The Broke and the Bookish by Jamie, Lori, Daisy, Jana, Julia, Kimberly, 
Tahleen, Bridget, Lauren. So many beautiful ladies with tons of amazing reviews.
63. Bo-ok Nerd Canada by Giselle
64. Supernatural Snark by Jenny
65. The Novel Hermit by Cee
66. Booklovers For Life by Lacey and Shirley
67. Christy's Love of Books by Christy
68. Xpresso Reads by Giselle, Amy and Faye. If you love books
there's no way you haven't heard of this blog. It's one of the most popular
and well made blogs. I absolutely love it.
69. Once Upon a Twilight. An amazing blog created by a team of beautiful ladies.
Tons of giveaways and great reviews. A must-follow! 
70. Ex Libris Kate by Kate Sowa.
71. Always YA at Heart by Ellen.
72. Dizneeee's World of Books by Dizneeee
73. Every Free Chance Books by Chrissy, Melissa, Gina and Sara.
74. Harlequin Junkie by Sara, Michele, Ipshita, Valerie, Jen, Kim, Stacey, Olivia, Jennifer,
Bec, Leone, Whitney, Sue, Maria, Yazmin. Oh my gosh, just check their blog! 
One of my fave blogs ever.
75. YA Bound Book Tours by Nereyda.
77. Love is not a triangle by Lauren.
78. It Starts At Midnight by Shannon. Subscribe for this beautiful blog.
79. Turning The Pages by Kimberly
80. The Book Vixen. One of the most well done book blogs out there.
I love it!
81. Reading is My Treasure by Kaitlin
83. Reading Reality by Marlene.
84. Sarcasm and Lemons by C.J. Listro 
85. Book Munchies by Kim and Cyn
86. Not Yet Read by Tabitha
87. Read. Breathe. Relax. by Lisa
88. About Happy Books by Julchen
89. Unshelfish by Melinda
90. Readers Confession by Jenese
91. Confessions of A Book Addict by Christina. I discovered her blog a month ago
and I am a regular reader since then. I love it!
92. A Perfection Called Books by Rachel, Julia and Mishma
93. Books Unhinged by Stacy, Bonnie and Katie
94. Fantasy is More Fun by Berls
95. Between My Lines by Trish
96. Workaday Reads by Sarah
97. Bookish Whimsy by Charlene
98. She is too fond of books by Whitney
99. Ramblings On Readings by Jessica
100. Carole's Random Life by Carole

  If you are on my list you can get your badge for Top Books Blog of 2015. Keep being awesome!
XX Chromosomes

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