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Book recommendation: The Long Earth series

I have few books to recommend to you today. This time is a series.
The Long Earth series
Let me first tell you: I am a picky reader. I'm not kidding. In high school I read a lot and because Internet wasn't that popular... yeah, I am that old. So, extra time in class? Reading books. On the bus? Reading books. Summer vacation? Reading books... and playing on my Nintendo (That princess was always in the next castle). I read a lot of Dungeon of Dragons fantasy style of books (absolutely loveeeed Dragonlance!), Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis were my favorites (I have read literally every book written by them). But after some time I got really picky. Now I have to be really interested in some book so I start reading it. If it's not weird, shocking, recommended to me multiple times or really popular - I am not interested.

I love Terry Pratchett! I've read all of the Discworld novels. I discovered The Long Earth series by Pratchett and Baxter by finding a review about the first book on Ana's beautiful blog. It was one of the many books I discovered thanks to her reviews along side few other fiction novels. I immediately ran to my local bookstore to find it, and bought it. After getting started I was so intrigued I read it in 3 days.

The Plot (quoted from The Long Earth's wikipedia page);
The 'Long Earth' is a (possibly infinite) series of parallel worlds that are similar to Earth, which can be reached by using an inexpensive potato-powered device called a "Stepper". The "close" worlds are almost identical to 'our' Earth (referred to as "Datum Earth"), others differ in greater and greater details, but all share one similarity: on none are there, or have there ever been, Homo sapiens - although the same cannot be said for earlier hominid species, especially Homo habilis.

Sounds completely ridiculous, right? That's because it is, but in the best way. Terry Pratchett's way.

It's been more than two years since I finished the first novel and I just finished the third one but I really did want to blog about it just in case some picky reader like me gets desperate for a good book (plus I can't stop thinking about it!). If at least one person reads this post and goes "oh my god, this is exactly what I am searching for" - because this is for sure not a series for everyone - I will be a happy panda! 

You can find The Long Earth here! Let me know what you think about it! xoxo

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