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The Re-Read Challenge: Anna Karenina

The August challenge just started and I am gonna do it!

You should do it too. I am gonna reread Anna Karenina by one of my favorite authors Leo Tolstoy.
It's one of the most famous books and everyone should read it at least once. I read it back in 2005 before the whole fuzz about the movie and before everyone got crazy about it and started buying it just before and after the film was released.
It's an amazing novel about the unhappy married Anna Karenina and her love affair with Count Vronsky. Even if you watched the movie I suggest you read the book.
I wanted to reread it because I didn't want to say goodbye to the amazing story and the characters (I feel the same about War and Peace by Tolstoy so I am thinking of rereading this one too if I have enough time this month).
Re-read challenge

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