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Zaful: Pretty in Pink


I'm so virtual these days that i tend to to all of my shopping online.
Readers often ask me where to go dress shopping online, and, until now, I never quite knew where to send them. I usually like one dress from some store and another dress from other store but I could never find an online shop where I like most of the products.
But now I have the perfect recommendation: is a store that's focused on quality, superb customer service, and it's absolutely amazing. The shop carries a beautifully curated mix of hard-to-find floral clothes, including some of the maxi dresses I've been so obsessed with last summer, as well as the stunning crop tops that are so popular on Pinterest the past few months. I'm totally thrilled about Zaful.
Caroline and I were recently lamenting about how we can't find a nice pink dress that's not expensive this summer (and if you've been following us on Pinterest you'd know about our struggle to find any dresses that don't look cheap and that are actually affordable). That's until we stumbled upon Zaful's pink dresses. They are currently having a huge discount. We spent a lot of time browsing all their stuff. Bellow you can see our favorites:

Lace floral dress. My personal favorite. You can see the
price here.
Lace pink dress

Sleeveless A-line dress. Caroline's favorite. Check it here.
Plunging neck pink dress

Another beautiful lace dress. As you know we are obsessed with
lace dresses and shirt! See it here.
paghetti Strap Backless Lace Pink Dress

Sundress with beautiful hearts! How adorable is this one?
Here you can see the price.
Pink sundress with hearts

All of the Zaful's pink dresses you can find here. Their shipping is free worldwide and if you are from USA or Canada they deliver from 8 to 15 business days. The accept payments by PayPal (this one I use for all my online purchases), Credit Card, Wire Transfer and even Western Union. If you have any questions you can message us. 

What are you wearing these days? Any cute finds? What do you think about the store? 

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