FF #11 - XX Chromosomes

Friday favorites

Rainbow iPhone case.
Rainbow iPhone case

Earlier this month I stumbled upon this awesome tutorial from
Anna's blog about how to make a mail organizer. 
I absolutely love this post!
Mail organizer

What a cute school bag!
Cute floral school bag

Cute Julienne vase.
Juliene vase

This coat is too cute, I adore the color, the buttons, everything!!
Tart coat

Glow in the dark colorful stones. How amazing is this?
Glow in the dark stones

If I had enough money I'd definitely get this spa for my house!
Just imagine!
Personal spa pool

Flexible LED lights! I'm definitely getting some for my bedroom.
Flexible LED lights

The best bathroom idea I've seen all week. Underwater disco lights! How awesome!

Vintage Levi's shorts.
Vintage Levi's shorts

This ring is too awesome! I love unique rings.
Princes crown ring

Triangle scroll necklace

Too many favorite necklaces this week. This one is my absolute fave!
Leaf necklace

Roma bedroom set

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