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25 Books to Read - Summer 2016

Another year, another opportunity to add dozens of amazing new books to your library. Nothing makes the perfect summer like reading a good book. Whether you travel, tanning on an exotic beach, or spending your vacation at home, we've collected few amazing books for you to read this summer.
Books to read in 2016

The books are from all genres, some of them well knows some you will read about for first time. There's something for everyone in XX Chromosomes' list of books to read in 2016. Take a look...

1. One With You
One With You - Crossfire series
One With You by Sylvia Day is the 5th books of the Crossfire series that we featured in our books like 50 Shades of Grey list. If you haven't read the previous books just skip this suggestion.
One With You was released this month and it was one of the most anticipated books of 2016. It's the end of Gideon and Eva’s amazing passionate love story. Time to say goodbye to these two great characters. This series took too long according to some people but for other it's not enough.

2. American Housewife: Stories
American Housewife: Stories
American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis is a clever and funny chick lit that you just have to read this summer. It's one of our favorite books in the list. It's a collection of short stories featuring murderous ladies and celebrity hunters. The fans of the TV shows Devious Maids and Desperate Housewives will love this book. The twelve stories could be used as a plot for a new TV show. We love it!

3. Dark Notes
Dark Notes
Dark Notes by Pam Godwin is a story about the music prodigy Ivory. She studies at  Le Moyne Academy and she's an outsider despite her skills. She's not rich like most of the other students. It's not only her social status that separates her and her classmates. It's the reality surrounding her life and the things she does to survive. She's a fighter.
Emeric is a new teacher at the school. He's such an interesting and intense character. He tries to protect Ivory and their relationship turns into more than just teacher and student. A great romance novel that we can add to our list.

4. Twist Me
Twist Me
Twist Me by Anna Zaires is a story about Nora - a girl who's life will change on her eighteenth birthday. She's kidnapped and taken to a private island. Now she belongs to him. To Julian - a man who's ruthless and attractive. Typical Stockholm syndrome novel.

5. Down with the Shine
Down with the Shine
Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn is another book that you must read this summer. It's a little weird and unique, just the way we love it.
Lennie is really a mess after her best friend was murdered. One day she starts granting wishes like her best friend to be back and many many other silly wishes that will turn into a reality. Be careful what you wish for!

6. Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls
Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls
Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten is YA mystery you must read.
June's best friend has committed suicide. It's been few months already and June is still struggling with survival guilt. However things getting really strange and many things let her believe her friend didn't actually commit suicide and someone killed him.
If you like mystery, crime, thriller novels get this one and read it this summer.

7. Read Me Like a Book
Read Me Like a Book
Read Me Like a Book by Liz Kessler is a story about a girl who discovers she likes girls more than she likes boys. It's a story about self-discovering and transition.
Ash has a boyfriend for first time but she realizes she prefers her female English teacher. It's a great LGBT book.

8. The Square Root of Summer
The Square Root of Summer
The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood is one of the best romance novels you can read in 2016. Everyone who loves sci-fi, time-travel and romance will absolutely love this book. It was published just a week ago and it's already gaining popularity.

9. Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett is an erotic romance novel we found to be one of the best that you can read in summer 2016. Sawyer Bennett is a NY Times bestselling author and you may know her from the Cold Fury seriesSugar Daddy is the first book of her new trilogy called Sugar Bowl. It follow the story of Sela Halstead who can't forget the night when she was brutalized. One day she sees a tattoo that helps her discover her abuser. It's the tattoo of the millionaire Jonathon Townsend owner of The Sugar Bowl, a dating site that connects young attractive women to rich older men. Driver by revenge she infiltrates Townsend's world. 

10. The Girl In The Ice
The Girl In The Ice
The Girl in The Ice by Robert Bryndza is another book that you should definitely consider reading this summer. It's a mystery-crime novel following the story of detective Erika Foster trying to resolve a mysterious murder of a young girl who's found beneath thick sheet of ice in South London park.
The victim appeared to have the perfect life. Yet with every fact she discovers she's finds connection between this murder and a previous murder of three prostitutes. What's the secret of the girl under the ice?
This novel will keep you awake during the hot summer nights.

11. If I Was Your Girl
If I Was Your Girl
If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo is a book that's not very popular yet but that gets a lot of amazing reviews. This is one of the few books where the character is a transgender. If you are a fan of The Danish Girl you will love this book.
It's the story of Amanda Hardy that used to be Andrew before. She moves to a different school where she just wants to make friends and fit. She's determined to not get too close to anyone. She doesn't want anyone to know her secret.
Then she meets Grant. Grant is unlike anyone she met. She just can't help it and start to let him in her life.
It's a story about acceptance and unusual love.

12. The Ex
The Ex
The Ex by Alafair Burke is another book that you must read this summer. It's a standalone novel similar to Gone Girl. I love this story. It's about a girl who agrees to help an ex boyfriend who has been framed for murder but after some time she's beginning to suspect she's the one being manipulated.
A must read mystery thriller novel in 2016!

13. What We Find
What We Find
What We Find by Robyn Carr is a lesser known book but in our opinion one of the best romance novels that you can read this summer.
Join Robyn Carr is a New York Times bestselling author. Most of you know him from the Virgin River and Thunder Point series.
What We Find is a heavy read. It follows the story of the neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan who after a high risk surgery that leads to the death of a teenager, finds herself in a lawsuit and experience an anxiety she never felt before. In this moment Maggie's boyfriend decides he can't handle the pressure and her problems and leaves her alone.
It's a story about her struggle, loneliness and her battle to find the happiness again.

14. Shameless
Shameless by Lex Martin is an erotic romance novel following the story of Brady who you know from Finding Dandelion (but you don't have to read it. Shameless can be read as a standalone novel).
Brady brother and sister in-law are killed in a tragic accident. He travels all the way down to Texas so he can take care of all the arrangements. He's in shock when he finds the sweetest looking girl taking care of his niece at his brother's house. He knows he should not mess with her as she's is as fragile as he is after the accident... but the story wouldn't be interesting if that happened.

15. Girls on Fire
Girls on Fire
Girl on Fire by Robin Wasserman is a book about Hannah and Lacey and their obsessive destructive female friendship. This novel is really heavy read.

16. The House of Bradbury
The House of Bradbury
The House of Bradbury by Nicole Meier is a story about Mia Gladwell. Mia is a writer with highly criticized by the media first novel, her fiance who is a successful Hollywood producer dumped her and she's now living in her sister's carriage house. Uninspired, unemployed and depressed she's just existing.
One day she learns that the Los Angeles house of the iconic author Ray Bradbury is for sale and she feels immediate urge to buy it, convinced that moving into that old place will inspire her to create her best work yet.
A book with such an original plot that will inspire you! A must read on your summer vacation!

17. In the Country We Love: My Family Divided
In the Country We Love: My Family Divided
This one of the books to read in 2016 for sure! With all the hate against the undocumented immigrants (or even the legal immigrants) especially since Trump gained popularity, this is a book about the other side of the story.
The star of Orange Is The New Black and Jane The Virgin - Diane Guerrero, tells us about her life as undocumented immigrant. She was only fourteen years old when her parents and brother were arrested and deported while she was at school. Born in USA, Guerrero was able to remain and continue her education. It's a story about the kindness of the people that helped her in difficult moments and that played a big role in building her life and successful acting career.
My personal favorite from our list.

18. Under the Harrow
Under the Harrow
If we believe all the online news sites and blogs this book will be huge! Under the Harrow is expected to be published in June.
Another mystery thriller that made in on our list.
When Nora takes the train from London to the province to visit her sister, she expects to finds her waiting for her at the train station, or at least at home. When she walks into her sister's house she finds something completely different: her sister is dead. She's been victim of a brutal murder.
An amazing psychological thriller that will keep you awake at night.

19. In Other Words
In Other Words
In Other Words by the Pulitzer prize winning Jhumpa Lahiri. It's her story about moving to Italy and completely changing her life.

20. Girl Against the Universe
Girl Against the Universe
Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes it's a sweet young adult romance novel. It follows the life of Maguire. She's a bad luck. Bad things happens when she's around. Rollercoaster jumps of its track, the house next to her burned down. Her brother, father and uncle were killed in a car crash. It's only safe for her to hide in her room.
But then she meets Jordy, a talented young tennis star. She falls in love but she knows it's better for her to stay away. But can she?

21. P.S. I Like You
P.S. I Like You
P.S. I Like You by Kasie West is another book that is gonna be released very soon and it already made the headlines in a lot of online magazines.
A nice YA romance for anyone that loves the genre.

22. The Unexpected Everything
The Unexpected Everything
The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson is the perfect summer 2016 read.
Andie is seventeen year old. She's a daughter of a congressman and she's a dog walker. She had very secure spot at pre-med internship until her letter is surprisingly withdrawn. Now she's doesn't really know what to do. And since all the best places are already taken all that's left for her is a dog walker job. She didn't expect much from this job, especially to meet cute guy.
A sweet summer young adult romance story.

23. The Distance from A to Z
The Distance from A to Z
The Distance from A to Z by Natalie Blitt is another one of the books to read in 2016.
Seventeen year old Abby has two goals for the summer: to make sure she's fluent in French and to avoid her baseball obsessed family. A summer away from sports.
That seems impossible since it turns out her French partner is exactly the kind of a boy she's trying to avoid. Eight long weeks practice with a guy that wears a baseball cap and jersey all the time.
But Zeke in French is a completely different guy from Zeke in English and Abby can't help but fall in love with him.

24. The Museum of Heartbreak
The Museum of Heartbreak
For all the heartbroken ladies out there. A fantastic contemporary YA book.
Penelope's amazing journey going through a heartbreak, re-discovering herself and finding happiness again.

25. American Girls
American Girls
American Girls by Alison Umminger is a fresh and unique YA.
The fifteen year old Anna had enough of her family, she steals her step-mom's credit card and escapes to LA where her sister Delia decides to take care of her. But as the time passes she realizes LA isn't the dream she expected.
American Girls shows us the physical and emotional violence in a really original way.
Definitely one of the books to read in 2016.

This was my list of books to read in 2016. Do you have any other suggestions? You can leave them in the comments.

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