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What to read - Weekly book suggestions #4

What to read

Hello, everyone! It's time for our weekly book suggestions. These are our favorite books for the week...

1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer 
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We rate it: 4.9 of 5 stars

It's finally here! Heartless by Marissa Meyer! The origin story of Queen of Hearts! We are so hyped about this books. Remember the title because we think this is gonna be one of the best books of 2016!
It's the story of the infamous Queen of Hearts. Long before she was the most evil thing to ever happen to Wonderland she was just a girl and like every girl she just wanted to fall in love.


2. Sugar Free by Sawyer Bennett
What to read
It's the third book of the Sugar Bowl series that we are fans of. It's a great series and we are panning to have it on our remake of erotic romance novels list.

3. Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa, Laura L. Sullivan

This is one of my favorite dystopian novels that came out this year. A lot of people may be skeptical because it's written by a Youtuber... The truth is it's really decent book and most of the sci-fi dystopia fans will love it.

4. Iron Cast by Destiny Soria

Historical fiction about Boston, the art of magic and gangsters.

5. Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

We are huge fans of Anna Kendrick so we can't miss to list her new book here. Scrappy Little Nobody is a collection of her autobiographical essays. It's coming out on November 15th so make sure you don't miss it.

6. Congress of Secrets by Stephanie Burgis

We hope more people know about this book. It was just recently released but we absolutely love the idea. A historical romance fiction mixed with politics. Take my money!
It's 1814 and the congress of Vienna has just begun to battle over the new map of Europe. Aristocrats and royals across Europe gather together to celebrate Napoleon's downfall. Among them is Caroline Wyndham, a wealthy English widow. Caroline's real name is actually Karolina Vogl, a daughter of a famous radical Viennese printer who was arrested by the secret police. Without her dad Caroline's childhood was stolen by dark alchemy.

7. Black Swan Affair by K.L. Kreig

Black Swan Affair is another book we will add to our erotic romance novels list. The fans of the genre will absolutely love it.

8. American Queen by Sierra Simone 

Magic. England. Surprising kisses. Sneaking into the White House for a romantic relationship with the president. This book have everything the fans of erotic novels want.

9. The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson

If you are searching for new series to read The Rose Petal Beach is very promising first book of a chick lit series.

10. Evelyn, After by Victoria Helen Stone 

A nice mystery thriller to finish our list with. Evelyn is living a safe comfortable life until one night when everything changes. A night phone call wakes her up... her husband, a famous psychiatrists, has been in an accident and he's not alone...

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