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10 Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

1. Comfortable, fashionable and warm. Perfect black booties for the winter.

2. For the active ladies who still love pizza... After This We're Getting Pizza gym bag. For people that take exercising seriously but they don't take themselves too seriously. Adorable!

3. What about this cross-body bag? It really is one of the most unique bags we found this year and it's been on our wishlist for few months now. Maybe Christmas is the time to get it.

4. Any Bob's Burgers fans? We all love Louise!

5. The "Unicorn Tears" lipstick. We love it and we made a post about it. It will definitely make an amazing Christmas gift.

6. For the last few months I've seen two girls wearing this amazing watch. It took us a lot of time to find where they sell it, but we finally did. It's $3... can you believe it?

7. Since we suggested the "Unicorn Tears"... maybe some unicorn vomit shirt...

8. This pretty unique girl on a swing necklace would make a nice gift too.

9. Monday to Sunday sleeping mask. If you need ideas for more masks you should check our winter moisturizers.

10. Adorable colorful sneakers. You'd probably buy them for themselves rather than for a gift though...

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