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Top 10 best bikini trimmers and bikini razors

Best bikini trimmers and bikini razors

The Best Bikini Razors and Bikini Trimmers Reviewed

It's time to shave your bikini line! It doesn't matter what time of the year it is. It's never to early to get THE great bikini trimmer or razor. It makes you feel feminine and beautiful.
Most of you probably already have their favorite regular razor that "should do the job". While it is perfect for shaving your legs and arms, this is definitely not the case "down there". Everyone hates itchy red irritating razor burns and ingrown hair that won't let you sleep comfortable at night.
If you have your own solution to the problem please let us know! Our solution is to go get a bikini razor or a bikini trimmer and go get it NOW!

The bikini trimmer cuts down the hair to a very fine stubble. If you get a high quality one and with some practice you can get it to where it's barely noticeable.
With the electric razors you can get great results as well without causing any burns.

If you use any of the above but you still don't get the effect you want, you are probably using a bad one or you just don't know how to properly shave your bikini area. So, keep reading! We have a solution to both cases.

There's a reason that special tools for shaving your bikini area exist. The bikini line is very difficult to shave. It is both very tight and extremely sensible area. The regular razors are not designed to deal with it. You can't easily navigate the normal razors through that area and there's a big chance you will irritate the skin and will cause nasty burns.

Even the best bikini trimmers and razors aren't very expensive and it's definitely a good investment because they will get rid of your troubles for long time. Here's our list:

1. Panasonic Electric Shaver with Pop-up trimmer for Ladies ES2207P

Panasonic Electric Shaver with Pop-up trimmer for Ladies ES2207P
This is absolutely one of the top rated bikini trimmers. You can use it dry AND wet. It is 3-blade close curves shaver which means less shaving time. It will get rid of the hair in one single pass.
The head is built to be floating so you can adjust it to shave any part of your body.
You can chose to use Panasonic Close Curves shaver dry or wet in the bathtub or your shower. You can shave with soap, water, shaving creams or gels.
Panasonic understands that a lot of people are allergic to nickel products, so their built their shaving heads nickle free and they are 100% hypoallergenic.
It is definitely one of the best shavers but what makes it good for our list (as we are not searching for just regular shaver) is its Pop-up trimmer that allows you to shave your delicate spots effortlessly.
You need to know that you will never get smooth shaving with electric shaver as you will get with razor but you can get pretty close. If you ask me this is an advantage because you can shave pretty often without risking razor burns.
For all the ladies that are scared of the shaver heads because they heard they are responsible for a lot of painful nicks and these extremely unpleasant moments where little bit of the skin gets caught by the shaver: MAKE SURE YOU CHARGE YOUR SHAVER FULLY BEFORE YOU USE IT!
The reduced speed of the shaving heads is the reason for all of it and you can easily avoid it by just making sure the electric shaver is fully charged.

2. Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer
Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer

Our favorite and in our opinion the best bikini trimmer (if you look at the price and the quality). Panasonic ES246AC is for the ladies that would prefer to be nicely trimmed than shaved. Its rounder corners helps you easily navigate your bikini line.
It is adjustable to five different positions so you can be sure that you can keep your hair at preferable length.
The best thing about this trimmer is its simplicity.
If you are searching for simple shaving without any hassle and extras this is the tool for you. Panasonic ES246AC is also not as noisy as most in the market.

Some of the reviews mention that the plastic guard isn't good enough of picking up the hair to be trimmed. Our advice is to make sure you adjusted it to pick shorter hair. Overall great price and great quality.

3. Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies 4-blades Shaver

Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies 4-blades Shaver
Panasonic ES2216PC is similar to ES2207P but it has 4 blades! This all-in-one shaver is waterproof as well.
There is many reasons this is one of the best selling bikini trimmers but at the top of our list is its compact nature and his rechargeable option. This allows you to charge it fast and use it very quick no matter where you are at the moment. It comes with very tiny charger and rechargeable battery.

4. Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Bikini Shaver, Styler and Trimmer
Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Bikini Shaver, Styler and Trimmer

This amazing little bikini trimmer is one of the most popular in the market at the moment. In fact Braun did so good job with their shaving tools that they got their products featured in huge women's magazines.
It's perfect for all women that take shaving their bikini zone seriously because Braun Silk-epil FG1100 is probably the best tool if you need detailed precise shaving.
It does the closest shaving possible and will last for about 1-2 years which is not bad considering it's worth about $15.
This bikini shaver has very precise head which helps you delicately shave or style your hair "down there". They give you ten templates as well that will help you design your hair the way you like it.
The Braun Silk-epil FG1100 includes a T-shaped head for trimming, two different combs (5mm and 8mm) to help you pick the size and very high precise head for delicate shaving.

5. Schick Quattro Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer 
Schick Quattro Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

The biggest reason that everyone loves Schick Quattro Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer is that it does everything from shaving to trimming and it's just one compact tool. With the adjustable comb you can choose between 3 lengths or you can completely remove the comb in case you want to do delicate shaving. Then the 4 blades will shave you as smooth as possible.
The Schick Quattro is doube-sided and with disposable cartridges. It's small, very convenient and you don't have to break the bank for it. It is waterproof and works with AAA battery.
The top of the Schick is the four razors with a nice pivoting head. It's designed the follow the women's curves smoothly and without too much effort while minimizing razor burns and nicks. While the razor is not our favorite part of it, it does a fairly good job.
The bottom of the Shick is the actual bikini trimmer that we absolutely love.

6. Clio Perfect Cordless Bikini Shaver for Women

Clio Perfect Cordless Bikini Shaver for Women
This mini bikini trimmer can be used wet and dry. It's dual-blades shaver and trims the hair down there very price and without pulling any hair (like a lot of other electric shavers do). It won't get the same smooth shave like a bikini razor but it will get close enough. This trimmer is so small that it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
We didn't think it will be good at the beginning because it was very cheap but now we absolutely love this thing.

7. Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Trimmer
Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Trimmer

This is also one of the top rated bikini trimmers on the market for the ladies that want a near smooth trim without shaving. Cleancut is very simple and effective but it's not adjustable so the only trim it will give you is a very close one. It is small enough to carry it in your bag, it's able to shave with precision and it's perfect and for other parts of your body. It work amazing when you combine it with baby powder.
Simple, cheap and effective.

8. Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer
Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer

This is the most unique tool on our list. Philips HP6378 not only trims your hair to almost unnoticeable size but it can also epilate. This trimmer/razor is amazing deal for the money. It has six different attachments, few for your eyebrows and the rest for your bikini area.
This is one of the most expensive items on our list so in case you won't use the epilator and the eyebrow attachments there's no point of getting it, as you can find cheaper options only for trimming.

9. Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver
Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver

Cleancut ES412 you should use after trimming your hair to stubble for best result. It uses a rotating blade covered with foil head and gets almost as close as a razor without any razor burns. It will make even the darkest and thickest hair disappear. We put it down on our list just because its design is little bit complicated and you need to combine it with baby powder as well to get the desired result.

10. Philips Hp6390/51 Precision Perfect Bikini Trimmer
Philips Hp6390/51 Precision Perfect Trimmer

This trimmer may be the last on the list but it's one of the bestsellers. It's very affordable (about 10$) and it has everything you need. It is not only one of the best trimmer for eyebrows but it's decent for trimming your hair "down there". Although we recommend it only to ladies that can't afford some of the more expensive models.

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