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Best of the Week: Bye, 2016!

Best of the Week: Bye, 2016!

Another brilliant shirt by Nylon. How many times did you go to buy
some food and strangers tried to start conversation with you?
I would say TOO MANY. This is a perfect warning shirt.
Please don't talk to me I am only here for the food shirt

Pretty color, nice design. A must-try jelly lipstick.
Jelly Lipstick

I can't adult today t-shirt

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. Especially by those guys
staring at you the whole time. The Beat it Creep crop top is my favorite
thing this week. (I prefer the white one)
Beat it creep crop top

Skinny white jeans. My favorite pair, hands down! The design is fantastic and makes
your butt looks so much better. Put it on your summer wear list.
Skinny women's white jeans

I've been in love with the MERRY'S Cat Eye Sunglasses for so long.
They have few different colors now and all of the look amazing!
MERRY'S Cat Eye Sunglasses

It took me forever to find this kind of fashionable slimming
Smile YKK Women Slimming body-building Sport Legging

For the ladies that love sport activities, this is the best
gym outfit for this week.
Sweatshirt With Pants Gym Outfits

You probably already have seen some of this. Very trendy and super cute!
Go get some sunflower hairclips.
Sunflower hairclip

Scissors earrings. These are the coolest earring we've seen
all year.
Scissors earrings

These chicken legs socks are so funny!
I need to have them.
Chicken legs socks

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