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Your little girls must watch it: The new Disney animation 'Moana'

It's time to focus on «Moana» — a celebration of the Disney animations and the feminist spirit: the main character who refused to become princess represents the strong female nature. 

From «Moana» you will get everything you expect from a big Disney animation project. It is very difficult to repeat the success of the amazing stories «Tangled» and «Frozen». A success so big that gave us reason to talk about new golden era of the studio.

Moana — the daughter of the chief of a small Polynesian island enjoys her childhood by collecting shells near the ocean. Her dad insists that the island provides everything the people need but when the tribe starts struggling (there's no fish anymore, the coconuts don't grow), Moana proposes to go beyond the reef to find more fish. Her dad is strongly against it but she decides to do it anyway. When she finds an old boat in a cave, her adventure begins. Her goal — to find the demigod Maui and force him to give back the stolen magic stone — the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. Then the balance in the island will be restored and her tribe saved.

The official trailer of «Moana» from Youtube

It is an absolute pleasure to watch Disney animations nowadays even if you are over the age of 12. The messages are for young and for old. 
Written by the rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda (author and performer of the famous musical «Hamilton») with the cooperation of Opetaia Foa'i a member of the band Te Vaka the main song of the movie doesn't sound that commercial like the one from «Frozen» but if «Moana» gains similar success it's not difficult for us to see it in Broadway. 

In general we welcome the return of the two famous Disney directors John Musker and Ron Clements. The guy who once started a small revolution in the Disney animation genre with «The little Mermaid» and «Aladdin» then they lost some ground with «Hercules», «Treasure planet» and «The princess and the frog» (even if we loved all these animations they weren't appreciated as much by the viewers). 
In «Moana» they tried really hard to not disappoint and they succeeded. The feel of predictability in the movie doesn't spoil the fun at all. 

Of course like most of the Disney movies you can find and a political agenda. In the reality where Clinton didn't become the first female president, «Moana» keeps destroying the old Disney animations sexist traditions by pushing more feminist agenda. We are perfectly fine with it and even support it given the decrease of respect towards women the last 1-2 years. Little girls should be taught to be independent and demand respect. The main character refuses to be a princess. She doesn't have a love interest and it's probably Disney's most feminist character yet. 
Her dad stays eating at home and being passive, at the same time her mom supports her in her adventure. The ruler of the world is a fire demon and an ocean Goddess — female. 

At the same time Maui is a poser and fake. He is the epitome of all male's bad character traits:smug, selfish and infantile. And Moana despite the traditions is not attracted to him at all. Someone tell me how is this bad. I'd pretty much love to teach my little daughter to reject this kind of guys. 
If Merida from «Brave» was the first princess to break the stereotype and reject all the suitors in the name of independence, Moana's suitors aren't annoying at all. She's simply emotionless to them. Even towards a demigod.

We recommend this animation to everyone but mostly to your little girls. We think it's not bad to teach your little girls that to be independent is good. We loved it. 

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