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Fashion Time -


At XXC we have a new favorite store to visit on payday! Yoins has the best selection of fashion dresses and cute tops! We were browsing the website earlier and picture a few of the cute tops that we totally loved.
Sexy Backless Bodycon Fit Bustier Tube Top

This super sexy tube top, because tube tops are so in right now.

Literally loving this cute top, camo is so fetch.

Their T-Shirt collection is super cute, but we were totally into their fashion dresses.  From work to girls night to casual, here are three top fashion dresses from Yoins.
This dress is so gorgeous, you will slay the entire office

This white dress will make so many heads turn on your girls night out.  It's so hot and perfect for the summer.

Cute black and white dress

This is dress is so cute, casual and fun for a coffee date or lunch date!  This is our favorite dress on the site!

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