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Rosebud Lips - Fashion Inspiration

Rosebud Lips

What are rosebud lips?

You've probably heard the expression rosebud lips before but you never really knew what they were. Lilly Collins has them, Angelina Jolie has them, as well as Scarlett Johansson. Rosebud lips are lips that are shaped like the petals of a rose.
In case you are lucky to have them, your lips are thick, the lower lip and the upper are about the same size, however the lower lip looks little bit more full than the upper one.
Rosebud Lips

Lily Collins with rosebud lips. Photo: @lilyjcollins/Instagram

In case you have them, you should take care of them properly and learn how to show them. Use beautiful red lipstick. If you want to go full pro rosebud lips, we suggest you to learn from Lily Collins and pick Lancôme L'absolu Rouge.


You can find Lancome L'absolu Rouge on Sephora for about 30 bucks. They have it in 44 amazing shades. Be brave and wear the dark red. It's absolutely stunning. There's a slight sparkle which makes it even prettier. This lipstick was the 2015 Allure Best Bright Lipstick winner.
If you don't want to spend $30 on a lipstick you can always count on the 6 bucks NYX Matte Lipstick on Amazon.

In case you don't have rosebud lips but you want them, you can get them. Use the same lipstick combined with lip gleam and lip liner.

Carefully pull up your rosebud lips and fill in with the lipstick, trailed by the lip gleam. Before you do that, use make-up with respect to the lips, which are not filled in with lip utilizing. This can take a lot of practice to find the right application for rosebud lips. 

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