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The 10 Best Romance Novels of 2017

Best romance novels of 2017

The romance novels had a good year in 2017. Truly, the past few years have been amazing for the genre. Ever since the crazy 50 Shades of Grey mania the genre is more popular than ever. Particularly the erotic romance. We've been following the new titles closely as you can see on our erotic romance novels you must read post.

When we pick our romance novels we are looking for few things: a unique heroine that has truly a personality that you will remember, a hero that's not just physically strong (even though it's important, we are really tired of the same dumb muscular heroes in every novel), and the chemistry between the characters that just doesn't let you put the book down. Characters that you just want to see together at the end of the book and not start hating one of them halfway in it (I'm looking at you 50 Shades of Grey!)

Best Romance Novels of 2017

Before you read our list, I just want to say that these are the best romance novels of 2017 according to us. Many of you may disagree with the novels on this list or think that we missed some, in this case just let us know in the comment section. 

Best romance novels : Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins

This is a book that you can read in one sitting. It is the first book of a the trilogy. The plot isn't anything complicated and it's nice light read. It is basically a story about a young girl falling in love with a young man working on a constructions site next to her house. A sweet, passionate love story from the 90s. What makes this novel one of the best romance novels of 2017 in my opinion is the the fully engaging developments and the amazing characterization. Beautifully written start of what seems to be a really good series. I can't wait for the next parts!

Best romance novels: Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre

The new Alessandra Torre book - Love in Lingerie! The author of one of our favorite romance novels Black Lies that we featured on our site before is coming with a new book and we are very excited about it. Actually Black Lies was released in January but we didn't have the chance to read it yet. Based on the amazing reviews on Goodreads and reviews we found about it on some of our friends' books blogs we decided to include it on our list. As it's a tradition for A. Torre, this is not your usual romance. It's another amazing mix of great story telling, hot forbidden romance with emotional depth, surprises and even humor.

Best romance novels: Love My Way by Kate Sterritt

Kate Sterritt is a new author we fell in love with. We loved Love My Way so much that there was no way to not include it on our best romance novels list. It is not an easy and fast read. It will make you feel very emotional. A story about Emerson who tries to navigate her way through life from a ten year old lonely little girl to a lonely heartbroken woman. An amazing book about the first love and the next love and dealing with a great heartache. Maybe our favorite book on the entire list.

Best romance novels : Under Her

Under Her by Samantha Towle is another amazing romance novel that you must read in 2017. In my opinion is one of the best contemporary romance novels published this year. New, refreshing, fun and absolutely enjoyable read, written in male's POV. 
Wilder and Morgan are two young people that went to college together. At first Morgan had a crush on Wilder but at the end she ended hating him since she found out how big of a womanizer her is. Now, 9 years later they find themselves as Co-CEOs of Wilder's parents lingerie company. That's where the fun begins!

Best romance novels : Cheater

Cheater by Rachel Van Dyken is a story about Lucas Thorn. He is a well-known cheater who wasn't always viewed this way. All that took to put a label on him was one accident on the night before his wedding. Now he owns it. He has a different girl every day of the week except Sunday. His rules are simple: No commitments and no exceptions. But one smart blonde is about to destroy all of this. 
Avery Black has never forgiven him for cheating on her sister. Now she's forced to work with him. Of course, this is a good opportunity for her for a revenge.

Best romance novels: I Don't by Ella Fox

For Ava walking away from her fiance was the most difficult thing she had to do in her life. In her eyes he was perfect and everything she ever wanted - sexy, charming, caring. But she needs to protect herself and her heart from being shattered again. She needs time and space. Probably a lot of you felt like this at some point. This is where you expect your partner to leave you alone and often it's the end of your relationship. This is not the case in this book. Ava's ex-fiance isn't going to give up. He will keep fighting for her love and to have her back in his life.

Best romance novels: Flight Risk
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Flight Risk by Alexa Riley is probably the hottest romance novel on our list. If you are a fan of erotic-fiction, this is the book for you in 2017. It is also a short, fast and easy read. Definitely something you can read in two days and it's definitely worth. 
Sophia has lived her whole life sheltered from the world with two workaholic parents. So when she secretly gets a passport she thinks that all of her dreams are coming true. 
Lincoln owns everything that he wants and that includes the black haired beautiful girl he catches sight of. He's the typical alpha male. One look at Sophia and he wants to make sure she's on his next flight. She's too innocent to travel alone, and luckily for her Lincoln is there to protect her. He's never been told no, and this is not about to change. How can Sophia resist being given everything she dreamed of?

Best romance novels: Shacking Up by Helena Hunting

Shacking Up by Helena Hunting is one of the best contemporary romance novels of 2017. You may know Helena from her NYT bestselling PUCKED series
Shacking Up is a story about Ruby Scott who is a month behind her rent and who can't land a stable job. She has one chance to turn everything around with an audition. Instead she fails because she gets sick thanks to a mysterious guy who kissed and they coughed at her at a party the night before.
Lucky for her, her best friend manages to find her a the perfect opportunity: a job staying at a penthouse taking care of the exotic pets of a hotel magnate. When Ruby arrives to meet her new employer it turns out he's the same guy that got her sick.

Best romance novels: White Lies Duet

White Lies Duet by Lisa Renee Jones is without question the most popular romance series of 2017. The two books Provocative and Shameless follow the story of Nick and Faith who met in a winery. Their first meeting was full of sexual tension and passion. 
Nick is a very successful corporate lawyer and Faith is a winery owner who is more of an artist. They could not be more dissimilar but their differences won't stop their passionate connection. 
A mysterious, hot, intense, romantic story that will capture you from the start.

When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann

The last on our 10 best romance novels list but not the least is the lovely book When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann. It is such a sweet and entertaining contemporary romance novel.
When Life Happened follows the story of Parker Cruse who absolutely hates cheaters. It's all a result of her boyfriend sleeping with her twin sister. After a wedding day prank, the already damaged relationship between the twins is over. Now Parker decides to grow up, move out of her parents' house, find a job, stop judging and remember that when life happens it does it in a heartbeat.  

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