Fashion Inspiration - Fall - XX Chromosomes

Fashion Inspiration - Fall

Fashion Inspiration - Fall
We love fall fashion! We made couple of posts this week about fall fashion, but it's never enough.
We always manage to find more and more awesome stuff every day. Here some of the
things we found for your today. We absolutely love the jeans!!!

We love these booties!
Black Fall Boots

These two floral sweatshirts are absolutely beautiful. The world needs
more flowers!
Printed Flower Sweatshirt

This cami top looks simple and yet pretty. Perfect to combine it
with some nice autumn shirt.
Grey cami top

We just stumbled upon this shirt and we loved it. There are three different
colors of it but we absolutely adore the blue one. Put some nice tie
and it looks super classy.
Women Blouse 2017 Fashion Women Oxford Shirt

This pretty pajama set.
women's pajama set

I love hoodies! This one looks pretty cool. They have it in few different
colors but I am obsessed with the grey one.
Grey women's v neck hoodie

These skinny jeans are love!

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