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13 Nautical Bathroom Ideas

13 Nautical Bathroom Ideas

We will help you get your dream bathroom with a list of nautical decor ideas. You will be able bring a a beach life effect into your bathroom. We have for you 3 simple steps for how to do that and a long list of affordable nautical bathroom decor ideas.

Get Your Dream Nautical Bathroom in 3 Simple Steps

Paint your walls blue

Of all the nautical bathroom colors – the blue is the best choice. The blue creates the feeling of the waters of the sea. The fist and the easiest step to achieve this is to paint your bathroom walls blue. Then you can check our list of accents bellow and pick the ones that best match your color taste. You have many different shades of blue to choose from depending on the intensity you wish to have.

Aside from painting your walls blue, you may install tiles on your bathroom or use colored bathroom splashbacks.

Shower curtains

There are many shower curtains that you can choose from to create a nautical feeling in the bathroom. They can include drawings of ships, beaches, sea shells, corals and etc. The shower curtains also don't have to be blue. You can play a little bit with the colors to create a beautiful contrast. They can be bright orange, red, yellow or green. It's really a matter of a personal taste but we added some amazing shower curtains on our list to help you get an inspiration.

Circle mirrors 

One of the best tricks that you can apply to transform your bathroom is to get circle mirrors. The circle mirrors give the feeling of a ship's porthole. This is that circular window that we see on ships. Some mirrors are specially designed to have similar frames as a ship's porthole. You can even choose to get a non-reflective mirror that instead has a photo of the sea that creates the idea of looking out of a ship's mirror. 

Nautical bathroom decor ideas

Nautical seashell decor shower curtain

2. Beach Wall Clock

The clock is silent and non-ticking.
Mermaid Shelf Decoration Figurine

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